Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ya Gotta Have Faith

First things first... Brady peed on the potty at school today! The teacher said she went to bring the boys into the changing room for their diapers, and Brady pointed at the bathroom area where some other kids were going. So she brought him into a large stall and sat with him. He went! She said he was very nervous when it first started happening, so he stopped and she reassured him it was ok and to relax.
Yay! She thinks it helped to see other kids doing it, so we'll see if we get anymore success with it. We try every day at home and even entice with m&m's, but we just don't get any results. So I'm hoping this may be the beginning. We shall see!

Second thing... I received a call from the boy's teacher last Friday to talk about having the boys see an ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist) because the speech therapist is suspecting a possible physical oral difference. (Say what now?)
She said that when they plug Brady's nose, they're able to get him to say certain sounds that he's never able to do. This may be an indicator that he's losing air when speaking and can't get enough power behind his sounds. The boys also have a level of nasality when they speak. The teacher said she'd have the therapist send a note home on Monday as to how to proceed.
I got the note and the therapist is requesting for the boys to get a 'Nasal Endoscopy' with an ENT and Speech Language Pathologist to measure the function of the boy's physical anatomy when speaking.

I called our pediatrician to talk it over (she would be the one to refer us to the ENT) but she was out on Tuesday, so the nurse took all the information from me and told me the doctor would call me tomorrow (Wednesday). I got a call from the doctor's office at 6pm while we were out trick-or-treating, so naturally I missed the call, so I'll be calling back tomorrow to see what she thinks. I looked around online to see what this could all mean, and I found this document that made sense to me. I have no idea if this particular disorder is even a possibility, but I have to say that the thought of a medical procedure helping the kids talk better gets my hopes up. I shouldn't, but oh my gosh... how does it not??
One day at a time and I don't even know what the pediatrician will say...

Tomorrow we have our big Genetics Specialist appointment at the hospital. We will all be leaving bright and early and we have no idea what to really expect. Hey, maybe the specialist will pat us on the back and tell us to have a nice day and there is no need to even consider any specific tests. The boys will outgrow everything with hard work and it will all be just fine. One day Jax will eat without any problems, Brady will speak without any problems and Jax will be better understood, Jax will not need his braces and will have perfect coordination with his hands and the boys will be going potty independently all while being 6' tall some day. I know Jax will always be medically fragile with his lungs and GI system, and I have accepted that, and actually feel blessed that he's as well as he is (remind me of that when flu season is in full swing).

I've started to do this. I've started fantasizing that the doctor will say these wonderful things. I've convinced myself that it IS possible and there's no big unpronounceable disorder, so that's what I'm hanging my hat on.
As George Michaels so eloquently stated, "Ya gotta have faith".

Enjoy some Halloween pictures!

A little art time.

Happy Halloween! (Thanks for the shirts Sidney!)

Spiderman and the Hulk!!

The kids all lining up to trick-or treat!

The kids playing a game at one of the houses. The boys didn't seem to do as well this year, they were really tired and couldn't keep up with the kids, so we cut it short.

The boys lining up their loot!

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