Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I seriously can't even bring myself to type out some of the scenarios that happened today. Ahh, who am I kidding, get this... I am on hold with Microsoft trying to get my new 'Office' software to work while gathering up the boy's backpacks and bus harnesses. I suddenly hear "uh oh" and sure enough, Jax spilled an entire cup of chocolate formula all over the table, himself (in his school clothes) the floor, the chair and of course, the rug. I scramble to grab towels and pull him out of the mess and put the phone on speaker so there is elevator music blaring at this point. Brady comes running into the kitchen yelling 'Guh!' (bus - which was 5 minutes early) so yeah... a big old 'ugh'. My cell phone rings and I see it's the Child Development Center - I've been waiting for this call for months, but they'll just have to wait. I can hear my computer beeping with work emails - aaaaahhhhhh! Yeah, it's been that kind of week.

So I got the boys off to school and ended up with a total of 68 minutes of time with Microsoft. Seriously, who HAS that kind of time to figure out their Office applications?? I answered some work emails, got a little more work done and called the Child Development Center back, and wow... that almost blew my mind. The boys have to attend a total of EIGHT appointments for the assessments. Four each, on top of the already chaotic schedule of appointments they have set, aaaand we're waiting to hear back from Endocrinology soon to set up an appointment. I felt so bad for the lady on the other end of the phone because I was clearly slightly unhinged throughout the conversation. So here is what I figured to be the boy's schedule - not including chiropractor and feeding therapy:

Nov 26 - ENT both boys at Childrens Hosp
Nov 29 - Hearing re-check for Brady at Childrens Hosp
Dec 4 - Developmental Pediatrician at CDC for Jax (Jason and I must both attend)
Dec 6 - Developmental Pediatrician at CDC for Brady (Jason and I must both attend)
Dec 7 - Pediatric Psychologist assessment at CDC, 1pm Jax --  2pm Brady
Dec 10 - Feeding Team check in for Jax at Childrens Hosp
*We're in Texas for Christmas with family Dec 14-17*
Dec 18 - Pediatric Psychologist testing at CDC for Jax
Jan 8 - Pediatric Psychologist testing at CDC for Brady
Jan 15 - Speech/Language Pathologist assessment at CDC, 9:30am Jax, -- 1:00pm Brady

*Somewhere in all this madness I should start receiving some of the genetics testing back one-by-one, and don't ask me how an Endocrinologist is supposed to get them in*

I have paperwork coming from the CDC that has to be back right away. Um... it's reports for the boy's therapists, teacher and of course complete medical profiles of all of us and then some. I swear everyone thinks we love paperwork and would love 100s of pages due in an extreme short amount of time. Jason leaves tomorrow until late Saturday night for a conference in MN during a busy work-project, so maybe that's why I'm a bit edgy with all this, but I reeeally feel like this is all too much. But what do I do?
I feel like we'll finally have some solid answers about things the therapists have been questioning now for the last couple years, so I feel like this is all NECESSARY, but wow... it feels so overwhelming. I guess I'm so used to the chaos of Jax-appointments, that when I add in Brady, it feels like 100 balls in the air. We just need to keep our eye on the prize, and the prize is to know that we checked every corner possible to help the boys.
Ok, enough whining on my end. I have the boy's school conference tomorrow, so I'm sure that will put my spirits up since I think they're doing well and loving their time there - I'll be sure to report back!
No one has asked to go to the bathroom yet, but Brady is doing well with being able to pee when placed on the potty! Jax was SO upset about not getting a star, that he actually peed this morning on the potty - a little competition may be good here!

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