Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Need advice!

Thank you for all the comments here and emails that I received from the last post - you are all so sweet, and wise. One day at a time while we go through this journey.

So, I haven't heard back from any of the Genetics tests yet, which I'm slightly surprised. I was told I'd be contacted as they came in over a 6 week period, so I expected the X-Rays and urine tests to be back within 2 weeks. I may call by the end of the week if I don't hear back.

I received the huge packets of paperwork for the Child Development Center to keep me nice and busy over the next week. I'm sending along paperwork to the boy's teacher and speech therapist to school tomorrow. I noticed that once they complete the paperwork, they're supposed to mail it directly in. Boo, I wanted to spy on what they wrote!
I need to look and see if I made copies of the paperwork that I sent into Genetics since they want to know the ages of every single development - oy.

Otherwise the boys are great. Brady's random cough is subsiding and only kept us all up for 2 nights, but thankfully Jax never started (thank you daily steroids!).
We put up some Christmas decorations outside last weekend because it was beautiful out and in the 60s (and already down into the 30s this week), so our neighborhood always looks funny mid-November when we all want to take advantage of the decent weather, but we don't want Christmas decor up (let's have Thanksgiving first!). So we have the big wreath up that requires a ladder, lights that we're not turning on yet, and... pumpkins and scarecrows... it's a twist of the holidays for another 10 days.

The boys have been running around loving the outside time with their neighbor friends and they even had a playdate later on Saturday night, while all the parents had some snacks and cheer. Going down into the playroom after 7 kids ransacked it for 2 hours is a treat, ugh. But they had so much fun, and that's most important.

Ok, so this leads to our current dilemma. How do you keep your kids from DESTROYING their playroom every time they play? Each time I take a shower, I let the boys play in the basement, and in a short 15 minute time frame, it's completely trashed. And by making the boys "clean up", they may put something inside something, but then they just play.
We started telling them they could play with 2 or 3 toys, but then they'd have to put one back to take out another - nope (suggestion at the school meeting last week). It's just NOT working, and it's such a chore for us to properly clean up such a giant mess each night. What should we do?
I love letting them have their independence and play in their designated area. They play so well together and I Looooove listening to their pretend play with each other while I'm in the kitchen (we have an open concept to the finished basement). So what should we do? They need to learn responsibility of how to properly treat their things, but they just.don't.get.it. We don't expect them to put everything away completely right, just SOME effort, and not a complete tornado - especially after we JUST gave rules of how they could use the area. (sigh)
Jason threatened to give away any toy that they leave out tomorrow. And he meant it.

*I'm sorry for the lack of photos. I've lost the battery charger for my camera, so it's useless! I need to order one, so I'll try to capture some on my phone for the next post.


ferfischer said...

I think it's a good idea to take away the toys that are left out. Pack them up and put them in the garage and they can earn them back later. They only learn that lesson once. Now, if only I could follow my own advice!

Michelle said...

i solved this at my house. my kids are super impulsive and if they have bins and bins of toys to play with in front of them they tend to go from bin to bin to bin dumping them all out. so, i packed up everything with a million pieces and put it away in the closet and we choose one or two bins every few days to have out. for example, we currently have a train table with just trains and tracks and a bin of dolls and a bin of "pretend food" and the rest is away. when i think they are bored which is sometimes every 3 days and then sometimes they last up to a week, i pack away one of the bins and get out another from the closet that they haven't played with in a few days. they seem like they actually play with the toys more because they are "new" again and the house is majorly less chaotic. when they want to play with something that is packed in the bin in the closet, i just ask them to pick one to put away. so far, it's worked... for me taking the toys away because they were making a mess and not cleaning up didn't work because honestly, my kids were just too impulsive to not make a mess and had short attention spans to actually be able to clean up the entire mess they made. now that we have limited how much they have out to play with they can actually clean it up themselves becasue they aren't overwhelmed with the mess.

Rachel said...

I keep toys sorted by type in boxes/bins in the closet and only bring out one or two at a time. Then I make the kids help me clean up or they go to time out. It sounds more means than it plays out, I promise! Lol.

Anonymous said...

My girls are in daycare and they are very good at cleaning things up, and are expected to do so. I give lots of praise for doing it as well!

Others have mentioned having only one type of toy in each bin. I agree. They know where to find things and where they should be put away.

I also find that when my girls play in our basement playroom where I can't see them, they make a much bigger mess than they do when they're playing in our living room and we're talking about what toys they are taking out and cleaning up on a regular basis.

You may need to clean up with them a few times, but I think you can definitely expect them to clean up after themselves. And if they don't, they lose the toys.

Stephanie P said...

You could try making a game out of cleaning up...Set a timer for 3 minutes and "race" to see who can clean up the most before the timer goes off...or maybe assign each a toy to be responsible for (cars, legos, etc) and encourage them to clean that toy up while you play/sing a clean up song...Since they are so excited with the potty chart, you can also try a "chore" chart - let them earn a star (or something) each time they clean up with you and once they get so many stars, they get a reward...Taking toys away didn't work too well at our house, except to make less toys for me to clean up.