Friday, November 30, 2012

Pluggin' away

Wow, this has been a quick week. We're just plugging away at home here. The boys are taking their meds for their ear infections. Jax hasn't been keeping down his breakfast most days, but that's pretty normal when he has an ear infection or virus. He is controlling his asthma even with a cough in the house, so that's a PLUS!
The boys have been loving the Wii system playing things like bowling, tennis and baseball. Great gross motor therapy, right? Brady can't figure out the swing/button timing for bowling - no matter how many times we show him, so that's been slightly frustrating.
Otherwise, Jax has been singing and telling us all about Santa and Christmas this week. As much as he can with his limited vocab, but it's so freaking cute. I told him the story about Baby Jesus and showed him the manger-scene. When Jason came home, I had Jax show off by naming the baby in the scene. He calls him "BeeBee Geesuh" and Brady will yell, "GEE GEE!!!" for baby. Gotta love their enthusiasm!

I have a weekend-long date with the boys this weekend since Jay is going to Vegas to play softball. Apparently Jose Canseco is on his team?? I will need photographic evidence on that one.
I need to get the boy's hair cut, maybe let them see a matinee, and maybe visit a small Christmas festival that a friend of mine is throwing this weekend.
The boys and I are going to keep Rachel company if she hasn't had her baby yet, otherwise we'll be visiting the new baby if she IS here! Yup, a baby girl is on the way, woot woot!

Brady will 'read' an entire book in his turkey gobble - too cute!

The boys playing their games.

Jax will memorize words on a page and go back and 'read' the book to you. His memory is awesome! He comes home from school with small projects and 'reads' the word on each page to us. Most of the words he says wouldn't be understandable if you didn't see the word on the page, but he's definitely saying them!


Angela said...

I love your bookshelf/organizer - where did you get it??

Annie and Jason said...

Angela, it's from Ikea!

Angela said...

Thanks - that's what I was hoping - LOVE it! I was planning on ordering one, just a little smaller so glad to hear I'm on the right track.