Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving wrap up

Our holiday season has started off... quiet. We always spend Thanksgiving with my mom and Les, so I knew our holidays would be different this year. My mom actually worked on Thanksgiving to make up hours that she'll be missing when we go to Texas in a few weeks to visit my brother and his fiancee for Christmas and her birthday. Jason wanted to hunt on Thanksgiving morning, so he left in the middle of the night to head up and I drove the boys up around lunch time to meet him. We visited his aunt and uncle's house with the Lettenberger-clan and then came home. It's always nice to see family.
I'm hoping that a changed-up Christmas won't make it feel so empty without Les...

We've been trying to soak each other up with time around the house since the schedules have been so busy and Jay will be gone again next weekend. We took the boys to give our friend Shannon a hug at the visitation for her father's passing. Our heart hurts for her and the family, especially during the holidays like this.

The boy's excitement over the holidays has kept the spirits up a bit. We got all our Christmas decor up inside and out. The boys really loved decorating the Christmas tree, and they may actually not knock it over or break tons of ornaments this year. Jax informed us that Santa comes 'down down down' the chimney to come into the house. I'm excited to watch the old Christmas movies of Santa, Rudolph and Frosty with the boys so they get a good background story animated to help them understand. It's already in their stockings from St Nick and they don't even know it yet! (Yes, we're from the midwest and are German, so we celebrate Saint Nicholas on Dec 6 each year - he's not Santa, and actually did exist. Wait... I believe in Santa, make no mistake! ;))
And yes, Jesus is introduced this year as well. I have a Nativity scene that I purchased when we were at the Vatican in Rome and plan to tell the story to the boys. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a video to help them understand better? I don't want to confuse them, or obviously let them think the Christmas = Santa/presents. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

In medical-testing-news, I talked to the Genetics Counselor about some of the tests the boys took. The thyroid and growth factors all came back normal, as well as the bone age X-Ray. Huh... we all actually expected the bone age to come back 'younger', meaning the boys had some catch-up growth still coming, but no, the test said the bones have grown to their exact age. That was the only test the genetics team thought would come back a bit off. While a normal result is ALWAYS wanted, this one kinda stumps us. So, it will be useful info when we meet with the Endocrinologist on Dec 20. They will determine if the boy's growth/height are an issue or not.
None of the DNA or Metabolic Profile tests are back yet. Those will still probably take a couple more weeks, but we're expecting (hoping for) normal results.

The boys will see the ENT on Monday, and Brady is supposed to get his hearing re-checked on Thursday, but of course, he's started a cough and runny nose this weekend. Boo! He's been so healthy the last few weeks, other than a cough, but if his nose keeps running past Tuesday, I'll have to call and reschedule the hearing test again. We shall see.

Thanksgiving done the Lettenberger-style back home. Here's Jax pretending to deer-hunt on a video game...

Brady up at the bar by the ladies (with his water and pretzels)...

Hey dude!

Then I found Brady learning a card game with Aunt Sue and Aunt Cindy...

Livin' the dream Big B! The boys just LOVE all the attention, they get so much love.

The boys showing off all their Thanksgiving crafts. They actually made place mats with an entire dinner, which makes Jax's day to have 'fake food'. Notice Jax's placement of feathers on his hat and his bird on the ground - compared to Brady's. Yup, Jax is really working on his coordination! I can always tell which project belongs to which kid - love them!

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