Sunday, November 4, 2012

The World of Potty Charts

We're preparing to head back into a busy week (read: Jason has been working in his office since the kids went to bed, so he is ready to go to work tomorrow... it's kind of how it goes).

I was able to get urine samples from the boys on Friday to run back to the lab. Brady was able to actually stand over the cup, and go a bit for us while standing in the tub. We couldn't believe it, but he did, and even though it was just a tiny bit, the lab tech said it should be enough.
I dug through our medical supply bins and found other urine bags that had a much smaller 'tape area' (infant vs pediatric), and then I found a large box of adhesive remover pads from when we taped a cannula to Jax's face, and also when we used the stickers on his tummy to hold his tube in place when he had grabby-baby-hands.
With these two found treasures, I was able to obtain a sample to freeze, so we were off after lunch and mission accomplished. I wonder if we'll get any lab results starting this week?

The boys and I headed to the craft store after stopping at the lab. We got supplies to work on a school project of turkey feathers, and then we also got supplies to make a 'potty chart' for home. We think it's time now that Brady has shown a bit of readiness.
We made our turkey feathers, and then we made our chart and talked all about it. When Jason came home, Jax informed him of how he'd get star stickers for going peepee or poop and they add up to prizes. We felt like we may finally be on the right track.

Aaaaand neither boy wanted to use the potty either Friday night, or all of Saturday. Finally on Sunday, Brady went pee just a tad on the potty and earned the first star! Jax was so jealous and he tried hard, but nothing has happened yet, but he'll get there. He did fart once and insisted he get a star for it... yup, we laughed pretty hard!

I got out of the house and went pre-holiday shopping with Rachel on Saturday afternoon, and we even finished up most of her baby registry too. When she came in the house, Jax ran into her arms yelling, "Aunt Rachel!" in his own elfy-way. I love that he is really putting names to people now. We go through pictures of family a lot, so I'd to see how the memory is during the holidays this year!

Jason and I packed up the boys and headed over to Kurt and Mary's house to see their brand new baby boy named Ethan last night! He is just tooo cute for words.
The boys played outside today in the decent weather and there were about 50 games of 'hide-and-go-seek' going on while I was cooking dinner.
Jason was updating all our software on the Mac since it hasn't been done since we got the computer 5 years ago and it's been really slow lately. Updating was a success... but our applications that don't jive anymore is not a success. (sigh) It will be a long day of figuring out my computer so I can work tomorrow when the boys are in school. Ugh, Lions and Snow Leopards and the wrong year of Office will give me a nightmare tonight.

This is our world right now... when the boys earn 10 stars, they get a prize.

Jason with Baby Ethan.

Little boy craziness!

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