Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Texan Christmas

We are back and in full swing of our busy week. The boys were awesome to travel with, and of course they loved the planes. There was no whining, crying, fighting or tantrums, so I think that was our gift from the boys for Christmas! We had our niece Marley (my brother's daughter) and my mom along.
Our first night at Adam and Jessica's house was relaxing. We were supposed to go on a lake tour of lights, but it was cancelled from some rain. We ordered in food and just hung out. The rest of the weekend had gorgeous weather in the low 70s. We had our Christmas morning on Saturday opening gifts and then strolled the streets of Ft Worth all afternoon. The kids all had a blast with seeing real Longhorns, petting some random farm animals, seeing a Texan-Santa and strolling the shops.
We had a nice dinner out that night and then Sunday was the big football game. Jason is a huge Steelers fans (the rest of us are Packer fans) but we all supported Jason and sported the gear and went to the Dallas/Pitts game. My mom and the kids did a variety of things back at the house, including seeing the horses behind my brother's house - neat, huh?
The weekend was a nice family getaway, but of course, it couldn't go THAT smoothly right? We got stuck in Kansas City on our layover when flying home. Our connector flight got cancelled and we had to wait a total of 7 hours to get another flight. You'd think the kids would go crazy in the tiny area that we were in, but they were all super behaved. The boys never made a peep and stayed busy between the various electronics, coloring and jabbering with each other and Marley. Which may I add, the boys are rather obsessed with Marley and had to have her in their sight at all times!
We got home much later than expected last night, but we're settled back in and tackling the week.

Jax had his pediatric psychological testing this morning at the Development Center. I haven't gotten the results back yet, but the psychologist said he did well and she's sending me a report. She made the comment that it's a clue to our puzzle, but in a good way. So I'm assuming she's hinting that they don't suspect a cognitive disorder, and most likely a Language disorder with their speech disorder that makes them seem to not 'get' stuff. But, we'll have to see once all the testing and reports are done.

I was able to run the boys to the grocery store after the appointment since our house was totally void of food and then set them up with activities so I could tackle a bit of my piled up work so I'm not up all night.

The boys and I are going to cut out cookies and bake them tonight and then decorate and make up tins for all their teachers and therapists tomorrow. They're pretty excited about it... I'm dreading the mess, but it's neat to see them so excited.

Uncle Adam with the boys. *Everyone always commented how much the boys looked like my brother when they were babies. They are now looking much more like Jason as they get older. Interesting huh?

Uncle Adam, Aunt Jess, Cousin Marley and Nana

While Jason was sleeping, Adam took all the kids for a walk with the dogs. And the boys were put in Packer hats of course!

Some present-excitement!

Jason with Marley

Adam, Jess and Marley (and Wrigley and Lambeau)

Crazy bunch

The boys getting a motorcycle ride

Jax with his Longhorn balloon hat!

No one was too sure of the clown, but I got the boys to take a photo with him and his creations!


During our dreaded day of sitting at the airport!

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Matt & Shana said...

It's nice to put a little Texas in your Christmas sometimes :) Merry Christmas!!!