Thursday, December 6, 2012


Busy, busy little week.
The boys got to see Santa last night at our town's tree lighting celebration at the fire station. They were SO excited that they were just jumping up and down to get out the door to go. We practiced what they would say to Santa (basically just the word 'bike'). When it was their turn, they each sat up there happy as can be. Jax was so excited that he just leaned into Santa's chest and grinned ear-to-ear. Santa asked what he wanted and finally he yelled out, "a bike!" and everyone cheered! Brady was sitting on Mrs Claus' lap and he was also wearing a non-stop grin.

This morning the boys woke up to find that St Nick had come last night - lucky boys! St Nick sent the boys "The Elf on the Shelf" and we've named our new family member 'Buddy' (yes, Buddy the Elf for those of you who loved the movie too). The boys loved the book and they've become quite smitten with this elf!
After they calmed down from that excitement, we got the boys ready and took them back to the Child Development Center for Brady's evaluation with the Developmental Pediatrician. His appointment was more focused on speech (where Jax's was more on size). He also highly recommended that Brady use an adaptive speech tool to help him communicate with people during this time when he's really not understood. The doctor said that children can sometimes get extremely frustrated, and it really changes their personality and overall demeanor, so the more Brady can get understood, the better. He also wants to intervene before Brady becomes less social and avoiding kids because of it too. So we're just waiting on the school to get his evaluation done, so we can match the one they plan to use at school.
The boys both have their psychological 'intake' (for insurance purposes) tomorrow, which will let the doctor know what to test the boys for next month.

While the boys were in school today, I had my own hearing test. I think I forgot to update here about my ENT appointment that I had a few weeks ago. I had my nose cauterized for the bloody noses (not that it really helped) and the doc said my internal septum was straight and not the cause of my sinus issues (he said the outside is genetics and post pregnancy which happens when you have a large weight gain and drop like that) but he did see an issue in my right side - which I won't gross you out with the details. He asked if I had ear issues, and um, yes, that is my "bad ear" which is affectionately coined by my friends. Miss Rachel refuses to sit on that side of me when we're out to dinner, it's kind of funny. Well, the ENT wanted me to get my hearing checked by his Audiologist associate and re-visit things once that was all done. Now mind you... I have not had great hearing out of this ear since I was a kid. I've always kind of known this after tons of ear infections.

So I had my test, and sure enough, I have "mild conductive hearing loss" in my right ear, but it isn't from nerve function, and most likely a middle ear problem from scar tissue (ear infections) or possibly a bone issue (something like that). I guess that ear failed the 'pressure test' (I'm sure I go the name wrong) where this tool measures how my ear drum expands and contracts under pressure (it actually slightly hurt that side) and my ear drum did not properly respond with the pressure. The audiologist said I was a candidate for a small hearing aide that would help me in social instances with a lot of background noise. She said I could come back in and try one out to see if I felt it really helped. The problem is that most insurances won't cover it, so it would need to really make a huge difference. I think I can live with how I have for awhile yet, and just have it monitored.

My ENT will review this information and we'll meet again to see if we can figure out the sinus/ear thing. I'm glad I did this since the boys are being explored for drainage/hearing/infection problems and if I can avoid this for them somehow, I will! Knowledge is power, right? If simple tubes could keep their ear drums healthy and avoid hearing loss in the future, I'd like to know now and fix it for them.
Not to mention the doctors keep asking if there are any ear/hearing issues in the immediate family and Jay just looks at me (he knows that if I sleep on my left side, I can't hear the boys at night), so it's good to have official answers.
Jay says I'm deaf, but that's just the love talking.

The boys waiting in line for Santa.

Happiness is bursting from them!


The neighborhood kids after Santa.

St Nick came!

I couldn't figure out what Brady was doing...

What a caring little guy! He mad a booster for Buddy.

To have a snack together!

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