Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Christmas time!

And so it has begun!
We've been getting last minute errands done and preparing for these busy days. The boys had their Christmas with Rachel and Dennis (and now Santina too!) on Saturday night before they're gone up north for the rest of the week. The boys still don't acknowledge the baby too much, but we'll hear a 'baby' said once in awhile.
I've got all my food shopping done and this evening I'll be preparing all the goodies to bring to the Christmas visits we have planned for all of Monday and Tuesday. We have about 8 hours of total driving and 5 stops, but of course, the BIG stop is from Santa that is very much anticipated at the house! The boys are soooo excited about Christmas and Jax says, "Mewey Kissma!" to people as a salutation when leaving. I don't want it to be over!
Happy Holidays my friends, travel safe!

The boys helped Santina open her gift, and Jax called it a "Purpa Ocopuh". Pure awesome.

Jason examining Santina's little face.

Seriously... these kids make Christmas SO fun. They are so excited to open gifts and they rip through them now. I keep telling everyone that they could wrap up pencils and the boys will act like they are real life rockets. Here is Jax saying, "Oh cool! DANK YOU!"

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