Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lots of ughs, but still pretty happy

When Jason came home from work last night, he decided to play a game of bowling with the boys on the Wii while I made dinner. Well it turns out that our little Brady may have been a slow learner, but boy has he mastered it. He beat Jason with a score of 177! Well done little dude!

The boys had their psychological intake at the Child Development Center, and Jax begins his official testing on Tuesday. I've received a report back already on each child from the Developmental Pediatrician that they saw and it states how the appointment with the boys went (the report is a copy that is addressed to the boy's regular pediatrician).
The impressions at the end for both boys stated that they had CAS (Childhood Apraxia of Speech) and a possible Language Disorder, but probably normal non-verbal cognition ability. It also stated on both that he didn't find ADHD to be the problem, but their classroom issues may be due to a possible Language Disorder, which will be tested.

Brady's report said he seemed well-developed and well-nourished, although not one word was understood by the doctor. Jaxon's stated that he was thin and small, but not in acute-distress, and also a note about his low muscle tone and pronated feet, and very little understood when attempting words. *I thought there were plenty of words we could understood from Jax, but I guess it doesn't matter since he doesn't do the speech reports.*
Otherwise the reports were all as expected, so we'll see what we find with the psychologist and meet with the whole team for their final report sometime in January.

The boys didn't have school yesterday, but Jax did have a Feeding Clinic follow-up. It went well, until I freaking cried. UUUUGH. The dietician, feeding psych, nurse and speech therapist all sat across from me with their computers taking notes as we updated everything. They got to the point of chewing and asked how I felt he was progressing. I felt my face get red and I told myself to not cry... well you know how well that works. I suddenly said, "I feel like we're failing and this is never going to end" and the tears just would.not.stop. Did I say UGH yet?? I was so embarrassed as they got me tissue.

They of course told me we are not failing and this process can be so painfully long because he's learning to do something so foreign to him. Plus given the Apraxia issue in general, it can affect his motor-movement-learning as well. I pulled it together and we finished the review and they did a feeding session with Jax. This time they tried a small cooked carrot and watched how he pocketed it under his tongue while he told them it was in his belly. He does this with crackers, but after it's under his tongue for 10 seconds, it dissolves enough for him to swallow with a drink of milk.

I explained to them that he only gets one feeding session every other week with Mr Nick and I'm clueless how to teach him this at home other than practicing what the therapist shows me. They've decided to start him in some outpatient sessions because while the process IS long, he certainly IS stuck right now. So Jax will see the feeding team every few weeks for a session specifically for chewing. Hopefully that starts to help - we'll take any help!
They left me alone about his weight and just wrote in his report that he's still quite lean and will be requiring more calories soon. 37" tall and 25.7lbs with clothes on - ugh #3. I found some nice fatty, high calorie yogurts at Trader Joes that they just love, so maybe that will help~

Before Jason and I could sit down with the boys for dinner, we caught Brady spoon-feeding Jax! I can't believe their sweetness sometimes... (and yes, I make Brady wear a bib when he has nice sweaters on and there's ketchup on his plate... )

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ferfischer said...

I have cried so many times when I don't want to! I hate it the most when it catches me by surprise! Love the pic of them - they are so cute.