Sunday, December 30, 2012

Phone Photo Dump

Jason and I have a bunch of photos on our phones that I can share. We haven't gotten a chance to get our camera yet, so there will be some fun Christmas photos to share off there later.
Lately we've been working around the house with cleaning things out, organizing, running errands, going to the gym and the fun and yet super frustrating task of potty training. Or I should say, the lack thereof.
We decided to REALLY push the subject again for the past two days since we're home, and we've got Jax talking about it. And if you ask him where he should go, he says potty. But we've had z.e.r.o. success so far. Even with putting them on the potties when we know it's the time of day they particularly go. Even sitting there for 30 minutes. Promising them special trips to the toy store where we'd actually leave buying them something they picked out. Nothing!
Jax wore real "unerwares" during breakfast this morning, from the advice of some friends, but after a non-successful try at the potty, he requested a diaper back on.

Brady's first bowling attempt! The boys attended a bowling birthday party. Brady beat the entire party with a score of 125!

Jax's first throw of the ball.

The boys with Kelsey and Drew last Saturday!

Story time.

Yes, I realize the boys will kill me for these pictures some day! They tried on their first pair of underoos!

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Matt & Shana said...

They may kill you but those photos are AWESOME, instant classics!!!