Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santina Rose

She's here! Rachel had a long, almost 20 hours, of labor on Saturday. Just before 8pm Saturday night, baby girl was born and her name is Santina Rose, isn't that beautiful? Old Italian family name and it suits her well. We have no idea how Rachel was such a trooper, but wow, she really was! Santina was born at 21" long and weighed 9lbs, 4oz and Rachel is TINY, so that's all Dennis' fault. Ha!

I brought Jason and the boys back to the hospital today after the dust settled and they were so so so excited to go. Then they got there, and were confused why we were in a small hospital room. I think they thought we were going to Rachel's house by the dogs. So then they just wanted to sit by Nicole's son, Evan, and play video games. They said hi to the baby, but they didn't want to hold her yet (NO PHOTO OPP, BOO).
We kept getting Jax to say Santina's name and once he said Santa, so when we were by the baby, I asked him she was Santa and he said, "Santa? NO, BeeBee GeeJus". I've got this kid so confused! :)

The boys were pretty good, and then it came time to leave. Nope, they were not happy about that and then decided to not give anyone hugs (except Evan of course) and they were just kind of poopy little guys. So no toys in the car on the ride home. Bummer!

Tonight we are getting ready for the week. Jason has a business trip and then we leave for Texas with my family on Friday, so I think it will fly by. I packed a large box of supplies to ship out to my brother's (Adam - who is in Texas) so there's less luggage and stuff to travel with. The boys are really excited about a plane, but I don't think they believe us that we're actually going to go! It's only for the weekend (we fly home the following Monday morning) but traveling with little people always adds an extra layer of needed organization, planning and packing.

The boys don't have school tomorrow, but Jax does have a Dietician check-in with the feeding clinic to check his weight and discuss his current diet. I think they'll be a bit disappointed to see that Jax hasn't progressed much with either volume of food, or biting and chewing. I'm going to ask their opinion about a possible additional inpatient clinic to get over this hump, but I don't even know if that's an option. I'm just bummed that it will be a year in February since we had the last clinic and we've been stalled out for quite awhile. We'll see what they say, and hopefully Jax's weight doesn't get us in too much trouble!

Nicole and Santina this morning.

How cute is this bunch?

Baby heaven

This little lady is holding her head up strong and steady already!

Dennis and Big B hanging out.

Nicole and Evan with baby. I want Nicole to have a baby now!

The boys got to open an early Christmas gift from the Garbers for a particular reason...

Suitcases to use on our trip! They are obsessed and love them, thank you!!

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