Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tour Complete

Our holiday tour is complete. I always find it interesting that no matter what time the boys go to bed, they always get up at the same time! So they're quite behind on sleep right now, but they're forging through pretty good. They have a bowling birthday party to attend later this afternoon, so I'm hoping for a nap from them today, but I'm not holding my breath! The boys were pretty good at the office of our 'end of the year financial adviser' meeting this morning, but as the day proceeds, I think a nap would be good before this party!

We went up to Green Bay on Monday afternoon and stopped by my Goddaughter and her family first. Then up to my grandma's apartment, and then a final stop at my grandparent's where there was a family gathering. We wished we could've stayed for the entire party and gift exchange, but at 7pm with a 2 hour ride, we had to go (BOO). The boys loved picking out cookies and putting out sugar cubes for the reindeer. They said goodbye to Buddy the Elf since he'd be back at the North Pole until next year.
The boys were very excited Christmas morning, and wouldn't ya know it... they each got the big boy bike they asked Santa for! We opened the remaining couple of gifts, had breakfast and then got ready to visit with Jason's side of the family up in Manitowoc for the rest of the day.

By the time we were home last night, both boys were sleeping in the car and NOT happy when we transferred them into their beds. But otherwise they've been rather excited about the new toys at home. We're trying to only open a few at a time so they get good play and appreciation out of them.

And now... the cleaning out of their toy room to fit the new toys - I hate this part! Buuut we get to give the old toys to friends who have younger kids, so that part is good - yes, the silver lining.

Oh, and I forgot my camera at Jay's parents house last night - seriously. So I don't have any of the great photos with me to post today, but as soon as I get the camera back, I'll put them up! This year's theme was 'leaving things behind' because we left the boy's coats at home by accident since we strapped them in the car seats without any on, then the presents at Sidney's house, a bowl at my grandparent's and then finally, my camera and Jax's milk mixer at Jay's parents house. Wow, huh?

But here is one photo that Sidney emailed me of all the kids, it's just too cute!

And yes, Layla is younger than the boys and a normal sized 4 yr old! We may start re-thinking our nickname of "Elf" for Jaxie.

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