Monday, December 30, 2013

Great end to the year

We had a great time visiting Auntie Christa and Uncle Clint with Nana and Papa this last weekend. The boys didn't want to leave, but travel was pretty decent.
We're always so sad to leave our siblings (Jason has one sister and brother-in-law and I have one brother and we're spread around the country), but love seeing them when we can. It's so great to see the cousin-love each time!
Jax had some tummy-issues for the first half of the trip, but he pulled it together for the last night and day thankfully. He's doing well at home and they slept in a bit today. We're still considering if we're going to treat Jax with an antibiotic for a sinus infection since he still has cold symptoms, but we're going to try and hold off for another 48 hrs to see if he can fight it. The antibiotic would tear his tummy up, so if he can fight it without, we'd all prefer that! 

At the airport bright and early!

A bit blurry because he was jumping up and down, but this is the famous FART Blaster that has been used non-stop since opening it!

Loving a remote Plane!

Anesah, Aidan, Jax and Brady - cousins!

We had random warm temps in St Louis this weekend!

The St Louis Arch

Brady with Uncle Clint
Waiting at the base of The Arch

I thought this pic looked just like my brother Adam, creepy!

Jay and the boys at the top of the Arch

Us with the Colliers

Some of St Louis

Family photo op!

The boys doing some Dance offs!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Continues!

Rounds 1 and 2 are complete of our holiday season. The boys have been having a blast, but definitely started getting a bit tired from all the running. They actually fell asleep on the ride home last night (Wednesday) and were NOT happy with us when we woke them up to get into the house for meds and bed at 9pm.
They had a birthday party this afternoon that Jason brought them to while I stayed home and packed. We put them to bed an hour early tonight since they have to get up early again to catch our flight to St Louis tomorrow.
Jax's upset tummy from his cold came back a bit stronger these past few days. We even had to pull over on the highway on the way home last night. So, we ran him into the pediatrician today to get checked out before going on this trip. He's on day 13 of cold symptoms, so we wanted to make sure he didn't start an ear infection, which would also be a clue as to why his vomiting has come on stronger. But, he checked out fine, so that's great. The doc gave us an Rx for an antibiotic to start him on if he doesn't improve over the weekend, which would mean a possible sinus infection, but we're hoping we won't need to use it.
The doc also suggested we add in his old inhaler (Flovent) during his cold symptoms in addition to the Albuterol nebs we've been giving. It's been two weeks of daily nebs, blah, we'd like the cold to go away!
We really can't complain though. The holiday season is treating us well and we're looking forward to the weekend by Auntie Christa's house. I'm sure we'll have great photos!

The boys with Marley and Great Grandma Carol.

My grandpa wearing a singing and dancing antler hat!

The boys with Nana Jayne.

Putting out milk and cookies for Santa!

Christmas morning excitement!

They actually yelled THANK YOU up the chimney, hilarious!

Two very happy little men.

The boys are in the back of that sled going for a rid with some cousins!

The boys with Grandpa Lettenberger

Causing chaos

Playing cool games with the Hoffman cousins

I asked Jax to take off his pj's while I got him medication ready. I walked back to this. Naturally.

Uncle Mark harassing the boys!

They did this off-and-on with Uncle Mark for the duration of the entire party on Christmas Eve!

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's the final countdown

The boys wake up each morning yelling out how many days are left until Christmas! Yes, that super sonic level of excitement continues!
The boys have been off of school since Thursday, and I've tried to kind of keep them home to keep them healthy for our crazy week this week. Jax is finishing up his cold and hasn't had ANY asthma issues since using his new medications. I hate that he needs all these strong daily preventatives, but it's WORKING!
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we begin our tour of families. Two family stops (2 hours north) for my side tomorrow, then home for Santa and then we leave again on Christmas day for two of Jason's family stops (1.5 hrs north). Then we fly out at dawn on Friday to see Jason's sister and family for the weekend in St Louis! I need these kids healthy! ;)

The boys "reading" a book they got from Jax's teacher.

Brady helping with some Christmas cookies.

Building a gingerbread house!

So fun!

Packers vs Steelers day, lots of yelling during that game at this house!

Jay took the boys sledding on Monday!

The boys watching some Star Wars scenes on the iPad. I thought it was cute how Jax has his arm wrapped around Brady and was playing with his ear, too sweet...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


As expected with Jax's tummy issues, a cold started on Monday. He is the GI-whisperer, ha!
It just so happened that he had an appointment to see his asthma doctor on Monday as a follow up to the new meds. The doc said his lungs were holding strong with the new cold, but to definitely add Albuterol-neb treatments with symptoms present. So far everything is doing the trick! His tummy is still a mess, so he's getting  a lot of tube-feedings, but we know from experience, that should subside in a few days. Jax has two feeding sessions between Thursday and Friday, so hopefully that helps.

We had a holiday lunch at the house last Sunday with some friends. It was a nice relaxing day with a little early celebrating. The boys of course lost their minds during gift opening and I just wish I could bottle up their excitement forever. I'll definitely record them Christmas morning!

The boys had their annual Christmas party at Kid Reach where Jax gets his private feeding therapy. I looked back on years' past photos and it's amazing to see them grow! They are MUCH happier to see Santa now!

Present time!

Two little elves delivered a fun dollhouse to Miss Kelsey!

I noticed that Jax always HUGS his new gifts to welcome them.

Screaming and jumping... isn't that what everyone does when they open gifts?

Annual Kid Reach Christmas party. Last requests to Santa!

We all jumped in!

Sled ride with Mr Nick.

Cinnamon tree ornaments.

The good old swing!

Flash back! 18 Months old!
Saying goodbye to Santa and hoping he comes to the house next week!