Sunday, January 20, 2013

Don't count your chickens...

Ugh. We're hit - either 'again' or it came back with a vengeance.

We noticed Jax was acting off last night. He hasn't had a puke-free day since his last illness last week, but that doesn't mean this is the same thing, but to be sure, I paged his pediatrician this evening to consult. Jax was gaggy all last night and today had very glassy eyes with a little goo. He got worse through the day, so we didn't do any activities and had a low key day at home.

Well, he didn't really take any food today, and wanted to lay down all night. Then his cheeks got red and a cough started with a runny nose. BOO.
We checked his temp and his pulse ox and both stunk. He had a fever and active asthma, so he bought himself some Albuterol breathing treatments and a call to the doc. I wasn't sure if this was considered a 'returning fever' or a new one. If it's returning, he's in the danger zone for pneumonia.
The doc believes this is most likely a new illness, so we are trying to treat him at home. We gave him a bath and a dose of Zofran and Tylenol through the tube. He almost didn't keep it down, but it's been an hour now, so it must have hit him to feel better. I'm SO thankful for Zofran, as are all parents of tube-fed kids with GI issues probably are.  *Well, the drug was originally created to help cancer patients endure chemo treatments, so I think THEY are probably the ones who really appreciate it.

I'm running a slow pump of pure Pedialyte on him tonight to keep him hydrated (or to make up for the lack of fluid today), and treat him with breathing treatments through the night. I'll be taking him into the doctor tomorrow as long as we make it through tonight (which we should since he kept down the Zofran and Tylenol).
Brady has had a sliiiight cough for the past couple weeks and I mentioned on Saturday that I was going to bring him in on Monday to finally check it out. And of course his slight cough upgraded to a regular one (sigh) so I think they have the same bug. I will probably bring Brady in to just have him looked over since I'll be going in and he's been doing this odd little cough for a few weeks (one of those things we kept saying we'd check out if he still had 'next weekend', sigh).

I'll keep you all updated and hoping for healthy homes to all of you!

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