Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get out!

The boys have been fever-free since Monday and they are certainly on the mend. They are going to school today - YAY! I could use some silence to get some work done.
I called their teacher to give her the heads up about Jax being on the Prednisolone, and how it makes him a little crazy. I assume he'll be on his good behavior when at school, but just in case he has an unexpected meltdown or something, at least she'll know he's all roided' up! And also to watch for breathing issues (the nurse at school has his inhaler).
Otherwise I think the boys are ready to get out of the house and see their friends as well!

Here's a few photos of the monkeys.

Story time

Brady being silly (these balloons were sent to me last November from my friend Janel requesting me as a bridesmaid - the balloons have lasted so long!)

The boys this morning.

I told them to pose like models. Brady takes it very serious!

And here are his gang signs. He's so hood'.

Jax and I put his old braces on 'Teddy'. He LOVES having a bear that looks like him. He keeps saying, "Teddy like ME".

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Sara said...

I love his teddy!