Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy meals really are happy

Need a smile? Check out Brady...

On Friday, the boys had chiropractor appointments and then Jax had lunch with Mr Nick for feeding therapy. So I took Brady to McDonald's for a lunch date alone - as you can see, he was PUMPED. I realized we hadn't had McD's since maybe... November (??)
We don't go as much in the winter/cold months since we're not out bumming around as much, and tend to go inside restaurants for meals. So it was a fun treat!
We each had a Happy Meal, so Brady could give Jax a toy when he was done with therapy, which made for an extremely happy Jax!

The boys are feeling much better. Brady still has a lingering cough, but he's only half done with his antibiotic. Jax is doing much better and finished the last of his Prednisolone last night. I'm hoping this will be our last emotional day of his from the drug!
Jax didn't do great at feeding therapy, and Mr Nick said he slid back a bit with his oral motor skills from being sick off and on the last two weeks. Jax will see him again on Tuesday, and he also has a big feeding clinic appointment at the hospital on Monday, so hopefully with those two things coming so soon, he'll get back to where he was.

Today the boys were up bright and early and ready for fun. We're just chillin' for the morning, but this afternoon the boys each get separate dates with Mom and Dad. Jay is going to take Jax to a Marquette basketball game this afternoon (Jax has been OBSESSED with sports lately) and Brady and I are going to find something fun to do for an hour or so as well.

Have a happy weekend y'all!

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