Monday, January 7, 2013

Hear this

Everyone is back to their regular full weeks again.  Jason and I took the boys to their hearing re-checks and ENT appointment at the hospital today. We got the opposite results from last time. Jaxon was the one to show a mild to moderate hearing loss in his right year with fluid and Brady's hearing was pretty good. The ENT is going to give Jax another 6 weeks to clear the fluid and see how he does, in addition, waiting until after the Cleft Palate Team meeting at the end of the month, to see if he needs to get a tube in that ear, and to see if there would be any further surgical needs on their end to do everything at once.

The doc is giving Brady another 4 months to see how he is doing, unless something sooner arises. Brady's right ear showed some negative pressure on the scan, but his hearing was decent. Isn't it interesting that both of the boy's right ears and MY right ear give us problems?

The doc also mentioned that he would usually take the adenoids out when placing a tube, but since Jax has a speech disorder and a possible issue with his soft palate, he said it would actually add to his speech issue, so it would only be a tube to help drain the fluid that keeps sitting behind the drum. Obviously any hearing issues don't help the boys with their speech, and also constant fluid and infections can lead to hearing loss.

Jason has left for a business trip until late Wednesday, so it's just the boys and I hangin' tough. Brady has the last of his Development Center appointments tomorrow, and Jax has feeding therapy, otherwise the rest of the week is pretty normal!

Some funny things that Jax said over the past few days:

Jason: "It looks like the strap of your brace broke."
Jax: "Oh crap, we have call doctor!"


Annie: "Jax, you got up a little early this morning."
Jax: "Su Up!"
Annie: "Did you just tell me to shut up?!"
Jax: "NO! Su Up!" he gets up and points out the window.
Ohhhhh the SUN is UP!

Annie: "Jax, Drew and Kelsey are coming over. Can you say Kelsey?"
Jax: "No, I'm busy."

He cracks us up almost daily with what comes out of his mouth. Most of what he says is still hard to understand, but he's definitely saying it! Brady is still struggling, but he's started to approximate words now! Like he says, "dow" when he's done eating and wants to get down and other things that you can understand when you know the context. Or he repeats what Jax says, and the approximation is getting close, but he uses the letter "g" in most words.
I actually just received Brady's speech report from the Development Center and it gives him a score based on age equivalency. His Auditory Comprehension was 18%tile at 3yrs,4m and his Expressive Communications was at the 1%tile at 2yrs,2m (ouch) with a total language score of 2 yrs, 9months. Buuuut his prognosis was rated GOOD, meaning with a lot of therapy and hard work, it can be improved.
Here's to hoping!

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