Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nasal Endoscopy tomorrow

Hello! It's been a couple new days and spirits are back up. Jax has been keeping down all the extra calories, and I know it sounds weird, but I swear his energy is up and he just looks perkier. He had private feeding therapy yesterday (Tuesday) and Mr Nick had a copy of the report from Monday. He decided to hold off on biting and chewing and worked more on quality of bites of smooth food and liquid.
He said that he is not looking at this as a step back, especially since we've been sitting idle for SO many months. He thinks that a big push of weight gain over the next two months will actually set Jax up to move forward with his oral feeds. It obviously feels like a big step back using his tube so much more again, but hopefully in the long run, it's helps things along. Trying to be positive!

The boys finally have their big appointment for a Nasal-endoscopy with the Cleft Palate Team tomorrow morning. If they cooperate, they will each get a small tube and camera placed through their nose that will go down to the back of their throats. Then a speech therapist will have them do some voice exercises while the doctors examine the function of their soft palate and throat. They will also examine for any other issues that can't be seen from just looking in the mouth.
This scope may find an issue adding to their speech disorder, or there may be nothing wrong at all back there. We were referred to the ENT from the boy's speech therapist at school, and the ENT said the boys sounded like they had air escaping through their nose when speaking, leading to the thought of Hypernasality, and they needed the nasal-endoscopy from a specialized team to examine everything.

I hope and pray the boys cooperate and they're not too scared or in any pain with the whole process. I assume Jason will have to walk one boy out while we perform the scope on the other one. Wish us luck... I have no idea what to expect...

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anne p said...

Hi! I do not want to be discouraging, but I did want to warn you. My twin girls had this procedure when they were 3 1/2. My husband went alone. It was very traumatic, as in him having to hold them as they thrashed around. They could not get the scope down one because she was thrashing so much. Again, I am not trying to be Debbie Downer, but I just wanted to let you know it was very uncomfortable for them. Just so you can be prepared. But, your boys are older, so they may be more more aware than my girls were. We were kind of blindsided by the whole thing!

anne p said...

I should also point out that my girls had enlarged adenoids, so that was one reason they had such a hard time. Hoping yours is a breeze!