Friday, January 18, 2013

NO, we're elves!

Jax is doing much better. He's been fever-free since Wednesday night, but he still has a weak tummy at breakfast - which is typical for him after an illness. So that's great. We've been reading a lot of books and having family bowling tournaments on the wii each night. The boys just looove it when we all play and they insist that I have a girl character. The boys are really into categorizing me as the 'girl' in the house.
When we saw the show 'Sofia the First' on the Disney channel, I told Jax that if he and Brady were girls I was going to name them... and he cut me off SO upset and told me sternly that they were BOYS and stormed off. Ok then!
Then when the boys asked if they could lay in my bed for their nap/rest time today, I said they could and that they were some 'lucky duckies'. Jax said, "NO! We're elves!"
Here's Jax chillin' in his pj's, argyle socks and dino slippers. Naturally.

I kept checking Jax's temperature and each time I turned around or walked back in the room, I kept finding Brady doing this - too cute!

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