Friday, January 11, 2013

Phone dump

We're just pluggin' away as usual around here. I've gotten a few messages from readers asking how Jax's feeding is going, or for videos of Brady's speech progress. I actually took a video of Brady playing yesterday, but my flip camera won't download with my updated software - is anything ever easy?
So I'll work on the video part. I want Jax's feeding therapist to use it as well at his next therapy session since I was told how MUCH Jax actually consumed last Tuesday. We've decided to increase Jax's therapy sessions to every week rather than every other and just deal with the insurance part in Feb when the sessions run out again. We feel like Jax is on the edge of 'getting it', so we want as much therapy as possible right now.

Some pics off my phone...

Taking an oatmeal bath (for Brady's winter skin)

Because I can still get them to do this...

Jax working on chewing with his feeding tool.

First nibble off a soft banana!


Kristinmo said...

Graham crackers and banana! That's awesome!!!!!! Way to go Jax!!!!

Angela said...

How far he's come! What a stud.