Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Side note to post below

It's obvious in the photos below in my post today that Jax still looks a little sick. More than anything, he's looking very gaunt lately (more than usual). The pediatrician mentioned it and the teacher called me today about it as well. Jax did ok in school today, but he was very emotional and cried when Brady left for speech therapy, so his liquid steroid is still making him a bit off.
The teacher said his energy is down a bit, which I hope we see back by the weekend.
We have a full GI/Feeding team meeting on Monday where we will meet with the dietician, feeding psych, GI nurse, speech therapist and GI specialist. We will be discussing Jax's weight in great detail, so I just wanted everyone to know that we are addressing it and of course thinking about it every day. We all just want this little guy to thrive so badly, but it's obvious that it's still an ongoing battle that we're still trying to figure out and overcome.

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Michele said...

No side note needed - he just looks like a kid who's been sick for a couple weeks. :)