Monday, January 14, 2013

It's baaack!

I got my camera back and found all these great holiday photos, enjoy!
Jaxon and Grandpa.
Christmas Eve with my mom and Grandparents.

The boys on Christmas morning. They found the half eaten cookies and Brady was looking up the chimney in AWE.

Santa's gifts! Bikes!

 Present from mama and daddy - a bat cave!

Presents from Nana and Papa - they were just so excited!

Brady was sooo excited about the cookies that Santa bit off that he asked to finish the magical cookie. He almost didn't want to swallow it - here it is!

Lettenberger Christmas day. Auntie Suzie has Brady here.

3 generations of Lettenberger boys.

Christmas day with Jay's parents and Grandpa.

The boys danced to a Wii game for HOURS with some of the other kids downstairs.

Christmas night at Nana and Papa's house with Father Dick and the Hoffmans. The lucky boys are opening books about Jesus and Frosty here - they looove them!

The boys with Father Dick

The boys with Grandma Christmas Eve. Clearly they're entranced with their super heroes she gave them!

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