Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!

It's here, a new year! All of the hopes for greater things to come has arrived again.
The boys had a really good year of developments and health this past year. The last hospitalization and ambulance ride hasn't happened since last February, so I think things are really looking up. Of course I had hoped Jax would be further along with his oral feedings (and possibly tube-free) and that Brady would be talking, but I have plenty of other positive things to focus on and know that I'm proud of both boys for the strides they have made.
I think that the only heartbreak that I take away from 2012, is the passing of Les, and Jason lost his grandfather. It feels more real with a new year on the calendar.

We ended the year with an outpatient feeding session at the hospital for Jax on New Years Eve morning. I remembered while walking in that Jax was inpatient last year on New Years for lung complications with RSV and pneumonia - what a different winter already so far. Counting the blessings for sure.
Jax did well with tiny chunks of cracker, and wanted to please us so badly, but he's definitely still struggling with knowing how to manipulate food in his mouth with his tongue, which causes him to panic, but he's working hard at it.
Later that afternoon, the kids met all the neighbor kids at an indoor bounce house facility and they had a blast. They had a small NYE celebration before bedtime with all the kids next door and even had the cool activity of stamping shapes onto the floor of an entire room that was lined with paper. They ended the year with a lot of smiles, and we all start the new year with a lot of hope for continued progress and good health for everyone we know and love.

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