Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We've finally been hit

We've had such a great healthy run this winter, so we really can't complain, but Jax has been hit. Not too bad since breathing issues aren't involved! He puked before bedtime on Sunday night, but we thought it was a fluke. He kept down his tube-feeding that night, but he puked when first waking up, and then a fever developed through the morning. He told me his head hurt, so we visited the doctor from their request when I called to consult.
He tested negative for strep or ear infections (although the fluid is still sitting around in there). The doc prescribed some Zofran to give at bedtime to keep a tube-feeding down and to come back today if ANY cold symptoms developed pointing to the flu. She wants Jax on Tamiflu immediately if that's the case given his lung issues.
Jax sipped water and Pedialyte yesterday, and then slept soundly all night with a very slow pump of formula and Pedialyte mixed together. He was breathing and sleeping fine at 1am when I checked on him. He seemed better this morning, but I could tell he was still off a bit, even though he was telling me he felt better and wanted to go to school.
I noticed his lips got really dry and keeps asking for water, but will only sip it. Well, the fever crept back up again and I can tell he just isn't himself. I called his teacher today and she told me he can't go to school tomorrow either since a fever has to be gone for 24hrs without medication, so the kiddo bought himself a lot more mama-time, which will be quite the sad scene when the bus comes for Brady today, oy. I need to see how much fluid he's willing to drink at lunch time to decide if I need to run a Pedialyte pump on him during the day (ugh, we haven't used the tube during the day in almost a year) so he doesn't end up dehydrated.

The good news is that there are no cold symptoms, so hopefully this is just a virus that will clear up during the week - send healthy hydrating thoughts!

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