Friday, February 15, 2013

Quick update

Brady checked out pretty decent at the doctor yesterday. She is trying to decide if his 2 wk cough should get him meds for a sinus infection though, so he's going back today for one last check to make sure he's all good to go.
I had his room pretty much dripping with humidified water last night. He barked out a few coughs around dinner time, so we went and sat outside in the cold air and looked at stars together before bed. Jax stayed in the other room again, so I made Brady's room very cool and humid through the night. He slept rather well and woke up bouncing around and playing, with only an occasional cough. He's definitely turned the corner and doing much better.
Now Jax... ugh.
His pump alarmed last night waking him up, and he puked up his feed. He woke up around 6am gagging and kind of 'coughing'. Jason gave him some Albuterol, and I checked his pulse ox, which was a beautiful high number, but I don't know what it was before that, so I'm not sure if his asthma really kicked in, or if he's just having GI issues making him gag.
We got him to sip water and a little Pedialyte, but otherwise he's running around like a monkey playing with Brady. I think I'm going to have Jax looked over and listened too when I bring Brady in, just to cover our bases before the weekend.
If you walked in our house right now, you'd think everyone was fine with how they're wrestling each other and screaming. Because you know... 4 year olds can never use an appropriate volume with their voice!
Jason and I have the final Child Development Center meeting this morning, so I'll update this evening about all the appointments.

Our Valentines yesterday:

Jax on his way to school. We rescheduled his Feeding Tube Awareness Day at school for next Wednesday.

Brady enjoying a sucker from Nana recouping at home. He was NOT happy to be left home, but this made it a little better!

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