Monday, February 18, 2013

He just couldn't handle that bug!

Jax had a tough night on Friday night. He got feverish, couldn't keep his food down and couldn't stop coughing even though his pulse ox was steady. I gave him the first dose of the steroid the pediatrician sent home with us 'just in case' he got bad. On Saturday, he seemed to be doing much better and he was running around with Brady. We kept him home and tried getting small amounts of food into him throughout the day through his tube so as to not put him to bed with a full pump since his tummy seemed to be too upset at night. And he actually did ok!

Well... Sunday afternoon, it all went downhill. He couldn't keep any food or liquid down, his cough was constant and he kept falling asleep. His pulse ox was decent and no fever, so it was so odd. I called the doctor on call and was instructed to go to Children's Urgent Care.
Jax had a throat swab and then an albuterol/atrovent double breathing treatment. The breathing treatment didn't help air movement in his lungs, but there also wasn't any wheezing or asthma sounds either - such a mystery! Jax had an XRay done, and his lungs looked viral rather than bacterial, so that wasn't the answer either. The doctor didn't like how hard Jax was working to breathe, which was making him completely lethargic, so we were sent up to the ER.
Once in the ER, we were moved to first position to be seen, so that was nice, although we were already 3 hours into the day with everything downstairs in Urgent Care. I told them I was nervous that he was getting dehydrated because he kept falling asleep, and they said it was because he was working so hard to breathe. They gave Jax another round of Atrovent/Albuterol double breathing treatment, and about an hour after that his breathing came down a little bit, and his cough became more productive.

The doctor gave another round of Orapred through his g-tube, but he threw it up. So, I was given some to bring home, and a prescription for 2 more days of it. I promised to run a slow pump (2oz/hr) of Pedialyte overnight to hydrate him.
He slept the entire way home and went straight into bed. He did okay, but was definitely still working rather hard to breathe and actually whimpering in his sleep. His temp went up a bit to 100.8, so I gave him Tylenol and he did decent with random coughs until 5am. After an albuterol breathing treatment, he slept for another hour.

He had a follow up with the pediatrician this morning, and she could hear wheezing in his lungs and his pulse ox was lower, but his breathing wasn't as fast or hard (the OPPOSITE from the day before), so she gave an albuterol breathing treatment and he responded well - so that means his asthma is now flared up, but the viral illness doesn't have as strong of a hold. The pediatrician said it's a viral pneumonia that Brady had, but his lung disease just couldn't hold up.
Now it's more of his asthma, which I feel much more comfortable treating at home. He'll get Albuterol every 4 hrs, double doses of his Flovent twice a day, his liquid Orapred each night by tube and of course, really slow pumps of food mixed with Pedialyte for the next 48hrs. This kicked his butt!
Jax slept for 2.5 hours this afternoon when Brady went to school and he took 6oz of food very slowly. If he makes it through tonight without complications, he should be turning the corner nicely. Jason moved his flight back from tonight until 6am tomorrow to just make sure there are no ER runs tonight, so we're set.
Now... dealing with a super roid'ed up child for the next few days, Jesus help me....

Jax in Urgent Care around 3pm

Jax in the ER around 7pm and a whole mess of breathing treatments


Melissa said...

Poor little man, he looks miserable. Hope he is back and running at full speed soon.

cat said...

SO sorry to hear.