Friday, February 22, 2013

Lovely mold.

Jax reading about The Lorax.

Brady being... precious.

I love this age!

Today was a pj-day. The boys learned (for the most part) how to play Chutes and Ladders today.

Playing a little Bat Man.
What's this? Ohhh that would be plastic that I sealed all the way around the boy's window including the blinds. We found mold, lots of it. Our plan to replace all the wooden windows on our house was just bumped up from a project we planned to do 2 years from now, to this week. Ugh. Super humidification for your asthmatic child doesn't do you much good if your 26 yr old wooden windows are filled with MOLD. I scrubbed off all the large spores (yeah, gross) with vinegar, but the wood is black all the way through. Time for vinyl. I know that once the windows are ordered this weekend, it will still take weeks before they're installed, so I sealed out any part that had mold including the fabric blinds.


Mom-in-Progress said...

A friend shared this and I immediately thought of your boys:

Sending positive thoughts!

Sabrina Benson said...

It's really surprising to find a part of your house all of a sudden overran by molds. One of the problems with molds is that they aren't noticeable until they've occupied a significant space. On another note, good thing you had the sense to secure the window immediately. It would've slowed down the growth, at least to give you enough time to make necessary actions. Sabrina@DocAir