Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No answer, but not better

Still no answer! The doc said his lungs didn't sound as bad to her, but his pulse ox wasn't good (93) and he was miserable. He is coughing so bad! Doc gave him a nebulizer treatment (which killed me because it was his first one) and he was around 95 after that, but the coughing wasn't better. She said that since he doesn't have asthma he won't react the same as Jax with breathing treatments. She swabbed him for whopping cough and will call in a med for both boys if it's positive, but otherwise we have to 'wait and see' which is the WORST! She said whopping cough would be deadly for Jax, so she wants to catch this if it is, but she has a feeling it's probably not going to be positive. If he runs a fever (he's around 100 for last two days) or gets worse, he goes back tomorrow, if he's the same, we wait until Friday and then he goes back in then and will get meds.
She wants to figure out if this is just viral and not needing meds, or Walking Pneumonia, or regular Pneumonia or Whooping Cough - all treated a little different.

I feel so uncomfortable not knowing how to help him with this. He is starting to 'bark' when coughing now. Hmmm, I wonder what's going on. I'll check in again tonight to let you all know if he's gotten a bit better.

In the waiting room trying not to spread germs.

Poor Brady... his first nebulizer treatment.

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Michele said...

Hope he's feeling better soon.

Lily had Whooping Cough in November/December, and it was very rough. I thought only unvaccinated people got it, but apparently not. She'd been sick 6 weeks before they tested her for it. Luckily the rest of us didn't catch it from her. She still coughs occasionally.