Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pneumonia? Hmm...

Today turned out totally random, and a little chaotic.

I took the boys to the gym this morning (they don't have school on Tuesdays) and then to get their hair cut. On our way home for lunch, I listened to Brady hack up a lung. He's had a cough for over a week, but it seemed to get worse today, so I decided to call the pediatrician to see if there were any openings today or tomorrow. I was wondering if he maybe had an ear infection which was making his symptoms worsen. He had a low grade fever, but otherwise was acting rather normal. His energy and appetite are down a little, but really, he's been ok.

The doctor could see him after lunch, and Jason was home (he's gone Wed-Thurs) so I utilized him and left Jax at home and brought Brady in alone. You know, for a quick ear-check. Well his ears checked out fine, but apparently not his lungs! Even with a decent pulse ox and heart rate, I guess his right lung wasn't moving air well, and the doc thought it might be Pneumonia. Say whaat?
She sent us over to the hospital to get an X-Ray, even though we all know X-Rays don't seem to catch early Pneumonia. Story of Jax's life the last two winters!

I called Jay to ask if he could run Jax to Feeding Therapy today since Brady and I would be tied up for awhile. Thankfully that all worked out. Well, Brady's X-Ray showed what looks like a viral infection, but no Pneumonia. The doctor called me in the waiting room to discuss, and she was really torn. She said that what she heard in his lung, really sounded like Pneumonia to her, but she'd hate to give Brady harsh antibiotics if it really is a virus. We talked it over, and since Brady had good stats, and was acting pretty good, we decided to wait until tomorrow and have him re-checked. If he sounded the same or worse, he'll be getting meds.

Brady will be seeing his regular pediatrician tomorrow (her partner was at the office today) so it will be a good second opinion.
If it were Jax, he would've been put on meds immediately and then re-checked, but Brady doesn't have any lung issues, so we feel pretty confident he'll be ok until the check tomorrow.
He's coughing pretty bad in bed right now, but I'm checking on him often. I've got my eye on him for sure!
I'll put Jaxon on the bus for school tomorrow and then Brady and I have another day-date at the doctor's office. Hopefully it's just a virus, but even if it is Pneumonia, I think Brady will recoup quick with some meds.
As we were leaving the waiting room, we got to the elevators and suddenly Brady FREAKED OUT and started crying. He was babbling like crazy, but I had no idea what he was trying to say. I assumed he was just wanting something he saw, but honestly, I had NO clue what he was trying to say. We got all the way to the parking garage, and he was still very upset and kind of sobbing. I put him in the car and that's when I realized... he left his iPod in the waiting room! UUUUUGH!
So I called Jason and asked him to call Radiology and ask about it. Thankfully they found it, and Jay went back this evening to pick it up. I just can't wait for Brady to be able to communicate. I felt so bad that he was babbling and crying and I couldn't understand him. Thankfully we'll be starting his assistive technology this week, and hopefully on the road to communication with the bean.

So... anyway, with this random lung issue - I just didn't see this one coming - VERY different than Jax if it really is an infection. Jax hasn't had any coughing thankfully, and I've been giving him extra puffs of his preventative. I'm almost out of his med, and it's too soon to order the next, so I need the pediatrician to work some Rx-magic for me tomorrow.
Jax is doing so-so with food. He's been keeping down all his double night-feedings, but still having issues with food during the day. He did pretty good today, but I'm not making him do full glasses of his formula. He finishes half of it and stops, which I'm taking as a cue. But since he HAS to end a meal on my terms and not his, I've been telling him to take one more big drink, rather than finishing, and it's been helping. Hopefully the bug passes and his unsteady tummy is the worst of it.
I'll let y'all know what the doc says tomorrow about Big B!

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