Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Pukes

Snowy and wet weekend here. The boys had a lot of fun with Jason outside on Friday while I made dinner. They even made a fort with the neighbor boy which was pretty cute.
Jax is having a tough time with keeping food down during and right after a meal. He pretty much threw up each meal today, but is otherwise totally normal and actually quite rambunctious. He kept his tube-feedings down the past 3 nights with Zofran given beforehand. But tonight he threw up the Zofran and his dinner after his bath when wrestling around with Brady, so I'm not sure if he'll be keeping down his tube-feeding.

So it feels a little counter productive giving him all this 'extra' food if he's throwing up everything else. It scares me for his weigh-in which was going to be tomorrow, but has been pushed off an extra week. I'm just at a loss of what to do. I assume he's got a bug in him, but he doesn't have much of any outward symptoms of a cold... just so frustrating.

Otherwise, the boys did well at the chiropractor Friday, a day at home Saturday with Nana Jayne visiting, and then we did a family dinner date for some Mexican food. Jax actually enjoyed a fun mixture of re-fried beans, guacamole and sour cream, and he kept that food down, but he didn't drink much of his Pediasure. We actually switched up his formula tonight wondering if that was the problem, and gave him strawberry Instant Carnation Breakfast, but that didn't do the trick. Very stumped.
The boys played basketball at the gym and loved it so much that Jax didn't want to leave. He actually acted a little aggressive and hit the wall and sort of growled at us. I had to take him aside and let him know how the behavior was unacceptable. Then later at home Jax was mad at Jason when he was told to sit down and eat. He raised his hand to Jason and growled in anger again. He was sent packing up into his room where he bawled. When he was allowed to come back down, he apologized and ate fine, but what is up with these little outbursts? They don't last long like a tantrum, but it's clear he is upset and instead of coping, he shows aggression. Is this a phase?

The rest of today was great otherwise. We went to the NARI Home Show after lunch, and the boys sat in their little strollers, playing their IPods and waving and smiling at people. We had a family bowling game on the Wii before baths and the boys are snug as bugs getting rest for school tomorrow.

The only appointments this week are feeding therapy (all the other therapies are at school) and the Child Development Center meeting on Friday, but I'm going to call Jax's dietician tomorrow and let her know that Jax has been puking lately to get some direction. I know they were worried about his weight, so I think I need to check in and let them know the scoop.

See this handsome guy? If you ask Jax who this is, he says " ME!" Christa sent me this photo of 6 year old Jason. I couldn't believe how much his face shape, dimples, lips, teeth and nose match the boys exactly! And that's what Jax's hair would do if we left it grow a bit more.
They were very excited about their snow pants, so enjoy the dancing...

Snow bunnies all bundled up

Jay taking them for a sled ride

And dumping them out on the swing set, nice guy!

He can't keep these dudes on the sled!

This is a beautiful sight. Jason cleaning the foyer light fixture! We just had our foyer repainted Friday afternoon, so I asked him to rehang items.

Nana Jayne reading about fish to the boys. She gave them Papa Les' fish encyclopedia.
Wrestling with Nana.

Who doesn't love a huge ant?

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