Thursday, February 28, 2013

The sounds of Apraxia

I took a video of Brady "reading to his toys" and then found that he was willing to interact with me (the video camera). I cut the video down to 3 minutes of us talking and thought I'd share his progress (I get questions all the time of what "Apraxia" sounds like). Well, Apraxia varies from person-to-person (it's even different from these ID twins), but Brady is actually a SUPER verbal kid who 'talks' to everyone! Some of that is his personality, but often times he echos Jax when Jax is talking. I think it's to sort of blend in and not stand out. The boys also have language impairment and phonological/articulation disorders as well, so their language/speech won't sound exactly like anyone else. But it gives you a look into his world.

An interesting side note, he scored the high end of average for his IQ, which was administered as a non-verbal test. Which most people when hearing him, would never think is the case. So don't you all wonder what he's saying inside his head that comes out scrambled?? I can't wait to hear it some day. ;)

You'll be able to understand the word 'yes' very clearly, but pretty much only approximations of most other words, but the approximations are getting better, and that is the first step. So the word, 'No' sounds like, 'Oh', but in context, you know what he's saying.


Melissa said...

He seems so happy and confident in what he is saying. I love it!

Matt & Shana said...

He is so happy and trying so hard! I know that he will get there soon and he will have so much to tell you!!! :)

Willie Fun said...

Eat, Pray, cute!

June said...

Oh my word. He is just so precious. He knows exactly what he is saying! It will be so fun when he starts to get those words out!

Stephanie said...

Hi Annie,
Thank you for posting this video. Two of my three triplets have apraxia. My Julia sounds similar to Brady. She knows exactly what she is saying and I stand there trying to figure it out. I tried finding your email address to write but can't. Would like to connect if you have the time. We don't know anyone else on the apraxia journey. My email is steinsl at gmail dot com. Have a good day. Stephanie