Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We're just pluggin' away here. The boys are healthy (knock on wood) and they're loving the snow.
I spoke to Jax's dietician last Friday, and she agreed to wait and see Jax until his next scheduled appointment in about two weeks since his weight was up (she looked at his weight from when he was in the ER) even though that was with his clothes on, and not the GI scale. We are to continue his double-night feeds until we see the team. Jax missed his feeding therapy session last week because of being sick, but he has one today. I'm hoping they start 'chewing' back up. They stopped when Jax's weight dipped so low, and had only focused on calorie consumption.

Brady's mini iPad will go to school with him tomorrow and hopefully he returns home with it all set up. We're just having the hardest time getting his 'school iPad' synced with his 'home iPad', so he is using the exact same program pages that the therapist set up. So hopefully you'll see a bright shiny picture of him by the end of this week with his new talking tool!

Jay and I are still dealing with window/door quote-meeting-showroom fun (read very sarcastically!). Ugh... this project sounded easy, but there's always sticker shock and re-thinking the choice you made. I mean, this is on our house... and some people don't call you back, and some stalk you, and some have deals only to 'this day'. Boo, not a fun project. Well, maybe it would be if we were independently wealthy! Such is life, hey?
We do need to give the boys props though. On Sunday morning, we met at a window company to look at samples, and the boys played for almost two straight hours in the little 'kiddy area' that wasn't a super impressive kid area to begin with. They were so good, we almost forgot they were there! They were rewarded with Happy Meals on the way home.

Speaking of rewards. When I picked up Jax's prescription at Walgreens last night (his daily inhaler) I saw a new Mario and Luigi character in the toy section (Walgreens has toys?). It was a little mushroom looking guy for $7. I had an idea. I brought him home, and the boys were getting their pj's on with Jason. I took the toy out of the bag and the boys almost lost their minds screaming "TOAD!" (apparently his name is Toad) and I told them they couldn't have him until they each go potty. They both ripped off their diapers and sat on the potty. Too bad Jason had just changed two soiled diapers moments ago.
So their goal today is to try and get this little toy and Jax actually said, "Mama, I want to go peepee". I almost FAINTED! Now mind you, he didn't 'have' to go, he just 'wants' to go, to get that toy. No success yet, but it's nice to see them TRY again! We've been promising them 'this and that', but I realized they need to SEE a prize in front of them instead of a promise. So we are still trying!

Sunday afternoon

Making a snow man!

The boys showing me their cool fort/tunnel they made with Daddy when I was grocery shopping.

So proud!

Yes, that's a 3 sided faced snow man made with carrots and spray paint.

Cheers! Jax came in from playing with friends and said, "I cold. Need haw cocoa!" Where does he get this?

So we pulled out the cocoa cups from Great Grandma Laura and had our first cocoa party.

Playing outside after school on Monday with the neighbors.

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