Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ugh, what a rough night

We are now official members of the Croup-Group. Brady's illness triggered it last night, so I tried to do everything my friends talked me through. I convinced Jax to sleep in his old room, and I made Brady's room as cool as possible and had the humidifier going full force on top of him. He was so miserable barking like a seal, crying, going back to sleep, repeat over and over. Around 9:30pm I went to grab his coat and hat to take him outside to sit on the porch (everyone said the cold air would open his airways) when the pediatrician called to check on us.
I told her he started a fever and the barking cough, so we talked about Croup. She asked for me to put the phone by his face so she could listen to him breathe. She said he had "Stridor" which is basically Croup uncontrolled, and I needed to bring him into the ER for a steroid and breathing treatment. The breathing treatment isn't the kind we have at home for Jax's asthma.
I called our neighbor to come over to the house, and I disconnected Jax from his pump so she wouldn't have to deal with any of that or him puking.
Brady's Tylenol kicked in and he was a bit sweaty, but the night air (I had the window down a bit on the drive) in addition to that med helped him a lot!
At the ER he was treated with a steroid and we were on our way pretty quickly for an ER visit. Thankfully our doctor called in advance and had it all set up for us, so no long waiting - love her!

Jax woke up coughing/gagging a little bit and I just put my hands over my face asking God for strength today!
He's been ok for the last hour with a beautiful high pulse ox of 98 (which is like 100 to us) and no fever. I haven't heard coughing since, so there's still a chance that whatever THIS illness is on Brady won't hit Jax's respiratory system. We'll see!
I'll be calling the doctor's office as soon as they open in 30 minutes to have Brady re-evaluated since he started a fever and had his issues last night. I can't really tell if he's the same as yesterday yet. He wanted to be set up with a tray on the couch for breakfast and hasn't moved yet, but he's interested in cartoons, so I see some life in him. His coughing isn't constant like yesterday afernoon, so we'll see where this all goes through the day.
Jay gets home tonight, yay! He's been stuck in Missouri since he has an entire booth set up at a trade show, so he couldn't get into it to take everything down and make the flight this morning, so he has to take the only one available at 5pm tonight. Such is life, he'll be here tonight thankfully.

I'm bummed that I have to cancel Jax's Feeding Tube Awareness Presentation at his preschool today, and Brady will miss the Valentines Day Party, but it could always be worse.
I also had a meeting with the speech therapist while I was there to download the first part of Brady's communication program onto an iPad Mini that we got him. That will just have to wait until next week now.


Rachel said...

Oh! What a miserable night, and what an amazing pediatrician you have. You an exceptional Mama. Hang in there!

Michele said...

Blech, what a bummer! My girls have had many a croup and the prednisone helps a ton - it almost always gets them over the hump. I hope all stays well with Jax and that Brady's lungs stay clear!