Sunday, March 10, 2013

Assistive Technology

Brady is an official user of Assistive Technology at home. The speech therapist was able to get the school district to grant me permission to take Brady's iPad from school home to work on. I called the IT department of the application Go Talk Now and after an hour, we finally got the school program to transfer to Brady's mini iPad at home, whew!
I added a bunch of buttons that pertain to Brady at home, like food, toys, activities, and I'm sure we'll be adding things all the time. He knows it helps people understand him, and he LOVES it. I asked him what he wanted for dinner tonight, and a few moments later I heard, "I want -  to eat -  Fruit Loops". I turned around with my jaw wide open, and he was standing there with a BIG grin on his face. That boy earned himself Fruit Loops for dinner! He even put the sentence together correctly so he must be really learning how to use the program while at school, it's so amazing.

I have a picture below of Brady with his computer, and also with his carrier that my amazing friend Sara made for him. It's a cross body that clips to his belt loop, so he can pull it out and communicate when he needs to. Sara's work is fabulous and I can't express my appreciation enough!  Check out her stuff at Peanut & Pumpkin!

I received a book in the mail called Speaking of Apraxia that I had won from Kim Scanlon's website . How great is that? The book is written by a nurse, who has a child with Apraxia, and is filled with amazing information on the disorder from toddler to teen, and all the other difficulties that come with it. I really appreciate having such a great guide right on hand. Thank you to a reader from here who directed me over!

I also received an email from the boy's school aide this past week. Apparently she is furthering her education in early childhood special education and has a project that she'd like to use Brady for. She needs to do a presentation on a disability affecting children's education. She chose Apraxia and asked permission to record one of Brady's speech therapy sessions. Of course I gave my permission, and actually pointed her to an old video of Brady a year ago (I have on YouTube) if she wanted to use any footage of him for progress purposes from that time as well. Hopefully it can spread some awareness.

Otherwise all is well at Casa de Lettenberger. Jax has his ENT and Feeding/GI appointments tomorrow, so he and I will be at the hospital most of the day while Brady is in school. Let's hope Jax has gained some decent weight to be out of the danger zone, and to come down on some of the extra tube-feeding!

So happy!

The amazing talent of Sara!

I'll just put a knot in the strap at the top to bring it up a bit and it can grow with him.

The case we purchased from the company who made the app. Great for young kids!

One of Brady's screen shots. He pushes a button and it goes up to the top. Once he has all the buttons he wants to use, he pushes the top green button and the sentence is read out loud.

** And a big THANKS to Shana for your generous Christmas gift to the boys of the iTunes gift cards. It really helped with Brady's speech program, you rock!


Matt & Shana said...

We were happy to help! Fruit Loops for dinner AWESOME! That is a great app and even moving all of the words up there and forming sentences - so much progress!! :)

ferfischer said...

This looks SO cool - we are getting ready for our first device too - they are just coming so far with this stuff!

Maggie said...

WOW. that is so neat, not only does the app blow me away but being able to learn sentance structure and all the like, it really is amazing. It must be so fun for you guys.

olkowskiscanlon said...

Great pictures! So happy he is liking his new device :) - Kim Scanlon