Sunday, March 3, 2013

Croup Loop

The boys had a fun start to their weekend with a play date with Marshall and Cecilia on Friday afternoon, they had a blast!
We realized on Saturday that Brady's coughing had picked up again, and by the time he was in bed that evening, it was pretty constant. I noticed his cough changed during the night and as soon as we heard the lovely 'seal bark' we sprinted out of bed and grabbed him! We bundled him up and Jason drove him around (the 'Croup Loop' as my friend Jessica and Kim so affectionately have dubbed it) with the window down to get the cold air blowing on his face. He thinks it's cool to snuggle up to a blanket with the window down!
When they got back, we put Brady in the room next to ours so we could listen closely for any issues (ie, Stridor), so we basically didn't sleep anymore from that point.
I called our pediatrician's cell phone this morning, and after a discussion of what was going on, she called a liquid steroid in for Brady in hopes this doesn't blow up more like last time. She called in double the amount as a backup in case Jax starts symptoms tonight. Jax started a runny nose, so we'll see, otherwise I doubled his preventative inhaler in hopes to safe guard him a bit.

Otherwise, things have been pretty calm this weekend. Jason and I finally pulled the trigger on new windows for the house (we're still slightly dizzy from signing that dotted line), and we've been working around the clock on some work-projects that Jason has to get done. Jay is supposed to fly out first thing tomorrow until Wednesday, but if things blow up with the boys tonight... I may be hanging onto his leg so he'd have to drag me in order to leave! We'll see how that all goes... wish us luck!

Jax, CeCe, Mars and Brady (They were all in the same NICU at the same time, how sweet is that?!)

A friendly little game of bowling!

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