Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good listening, good ears and a good party

I'm so behind!
Last Thursday, we had the boy's teacher conference. It went really well, and the boys are making gains in all areas. Jax's speech and language capabilities have been making huge leaps these past few months. He clearly has a speech "issue" with pronunciation and articulation, which is the Apraxia-part, but the fact you can understand full sentences makes communication so much better. He also says things every day that make us laugh now.

The boys are now considered "peer models" in their class for behavior and following directions. Their class is technically a "special needs preschool" program called "Early Childhood" that a child has to test into with delays in two or more areas, but the class also has a couple of typically developed children called "peer models" to help the kids in all the areas. I was surprised when the teacher said the boys are now considered that for those areas. Awe... that really helps parents like us feel accomplishment for our kids who struggle at some of the most simple developments for other kids.

We asked how they all felt about the reports from the Child Development Center stating the boys are not considered to have ADHD, and they were a little quiet, but they did say that they believed the boy's attention was getting better, although they were still struggling a bit with slowing them down. They still go so fast that they run into other children or objects almost daily. Jax's phy-ed teacher said that when she can get Jax to slow down, he performs the tasks better as well (like walking the balance beam). So there is still that to really work on. I didn't get the feeling from them that they were fully convinced that ADHD wasn't a possible issue since they said the boys pay attention great for things they're interested in, but it's still difficult to get them to look directly at them and listen when they're not interested. But it may just be that they're 4, and they're really motor driven, so we just keep an eye on it and try to work on it.

The only surprise of the meeting was the suggestion to split the boys up in 4k in the fall. I had planned on keeping them together until 1st grade, but the teacher said that Brady actually has a lot more leadership and shines more when Jax is out of class for appointments. Jax is the alpha twin and is protective of Brady, so he often answers for him knowing Brady can't talk. Brady tends to follow Jax's lead in activities then as well, so they'll be split. There are so many good reasons to keep them together since they do so well together, but this one area for Brady is more important, so they'll be in different classes for the rest of their school years starting this fall.

Brady had his ear re-check on Friday and he looked pretty good, so he will not be getting a tube placed next month when Jax does. The doctor said there was a slight bubble in his right ear, so he checked the pressure to his ear drum, and he did fine, so we're going to just re-check Brady in September before school starts back up to make sure his hearing is still perfect given his speech struggles. The doc peeked in Jax's ears again because Jax REALLY wanted him to, and yup, he still has an eardrum full of fluid on that right side for no real reason. He's still pukey off and on lately, so I can't imagine an ear full of fluid helps either, so I'm kind of hoping the tube may help him with his fluid and gagging.

We went to the Bonin-twins birthday party on Saturday, and the boys had a blast. We're finally to the point where we can have conversations with people and enjoy ourselves while the kids play and typically know how to behave without our eyes on them every 5 minutes. So, to anyone reading this with young twins, I promise the age of 4 gets a lot easier. Haha, well... at least in this particular area.

We all just got back from the gym today (Sunday) and just finished lunch. The boys are downstairs with Jason playing basketball and watching March Madness. Jaxon is pretty much obsessed with basketball these days and we laughed when the teachers brought it up. Apparently he even talks about it at school. Rachel and Dennis are bringing baby Santina over for the North Carolina game this afternoon, so we get some cute-baby time in today.

We have a pretty standard week ahead. Although, Jax doesn't have feeding therapy because insurance declined all the sessions requested by our therapist (only 6 of the 26 requested were approved), so I'm working on a letter to appeal it to the state and then I will have to attend a hearing to fight our case. Our therapist said he would accompany me, so that makes me feel a bit less nervous. I'm collecting documentation from the Feeding Clinic team and will do my best to write a good letter stating the extreme need. Wish me luck on this new process/project I'll be working on!

The boys do this pretty much off and on all day. Every day. It's like watching puppies play.

Jax in the playroom at the birthday party.

Sweet moment between mama and Kelsey.

Drew and Brady playing cars. They seriously look like brothers.

The birthday kids! I loved the cakes!

Cozy Coops just don't get old.

He would've eaten 10 if we let him. Jax is still the only child at any party who completely passes on the cake part!


Momma Bird said...

Do your boys get Occupational Therapy? I ask because my oldest is very similar to what your boys are being described as and he was recently diagnosed with sensory processing issues. Not to put more on your plate or put more diagnoses in your head but just wanted to put it out there. He has started O.T. and we are already seeing changes in him in just a few sessions.

Annie and Jason said...

Hey momma bird! Jax has been in OT for fine motor skills since birth. We're actually looking into getting the boys evaluated at Children's Hosp by an OT/PT to see if they need more help while at school though. Thanks for your suggestion. I never correlated their inability to slow down to a processing issue. I can always ask!

Little Wonders said...

I love coming over here and reading about how awesome your two little rockstars are doing. You should be so proud of how far they've come - I know for a fact that it has everything to do with all the hard work, love, attention, sweat and tears you and Jason have poured into them!

Momma Bird said...

Always worth a second opinion for sure! I had my son evaluated twice and also asked some fellow O.T.'s I work with and only one O.T. I worked with thought he needed help and thankfully the second O.T. to evaluate him agreed. Not every O.T. is well "versed" in sensory processing, which is of course totally different than fine motor stuff so do a little research on it (in your spare time) and ask them specifically about that. And as always, go with your gut. I knew something was not right with my guy and finally I found someone who listened (the story of your life I am sure!) My son is always going and full speed. He crashes into people, things, etc. Put simply, he has trouble brining himself down and slowing down so we work on body awareness and calming. Again, this may not be Jax and Brady but worth a thought. Best wishes!