Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Aaaand we didn't make it to the family holiday festivities. Poor Jax just couldn't kick the cold he started on Thursday. His vomiting and asthma picked up on Friday and has continued through the weekend (ugh). We knew when Jax was up vomiting at 5:30 am today that we were going to have to skip the trip home that we had planned for the day. It's a bummer, and we had hoped he'd do better through the night to make the trip, but at least we were all together and no one was in the hospital or ER or anything, so we count our blessings!
I will however be bringing him in to see the doctor if he's still vomiting tomorrow (which will be day 5). He goes in-and-out of being ok, to sluggish, and not keeping much of anything down. It's odd to keep going this long.

The Easter Bunny did bring the boys some smiles. They found their baskets and had an egg hunt in the basement. We didn't do any candy for this first year since Jax can't eat it anyway, so everything was a small toy or activity that kept them busy all day.

On Friday, I took Brady into the pediatrician to have his Molluscum bumps looked at, and the doctor and I ended up talking more about Jax (who wasn't even there)! As for Brady's bumps, the doctor agreed it has spread, but they're still ok. We're taking the road of just letting them heal up rather than burning them off. It will all go away with time and he can wear shorts and be in pools and take baths with Jax, he just has to have his own towel, which he does.

As for Jax, the doctor is going to have us try a corticosteroid nasal spray on him after he's done with this cold to see if it helps with his congestion that he often seems to have. She showed me a trick of how to administer it to him to try and prevent bloody noses, so I'm re-trying my old Nasonex on myself this way. I loved how that nasal spray worked last year, but it gave me daily bloody noses, so we'll see! We're going to try in through the month of April to see if does anything for him. We don't know if he has 'allergies' since his asthma is most likely a result of his lung disease rather than allergy like most asthma-cases. And most children don't start seasonal allergies under the age of 2, so we'll see if it's a contributing factor to his recent constant-congestion over the last 6 weeks now that he's older.

The boys have off this whole week, so I was hoping to get out and do some fun stuff with them, but we'll have to see how Jax is over the next few days and if Brady starts anything up. We also get our windows on Wednesday and Thursday, so it should be a busy little week!

Random Thursday morning pirates.

Trying to chase the sickies away this weekend with dying some Easter eggs.

Apparently asking them to "smile with their eggs" was a tall order.

This may be my most favorite awkward smile-photo yet!

OOOOH! says Jax when seeing a basket in the basketball basket!

Egg hunt!

All their loot!

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