Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kissy Face

I think there's a bit of a bug lurking in the house because Jax is having a hard time with food the last few days, and it comes and goes. He didn't keep any of his meals down on Sunday, but then kept them all down on Monday, but didn't keep his night feed down last night. He has a sliiiight runny nose, so it seems to gag him a bit. Otherwise the boys are doing great. They have SO much energy that they just want to run off every day. I can't wait for warmer days to get them outside. Seriously, it's like these little maniacs have batteries!
We had another failed attempt at potty training this whole past weekend. Even after having them sit on the potty for an hour straight multiple times, we got ONE successful pee out of Jax, and I don't even know if he realized it! Brady was a complete stand off, and went in his diaper shortly after being on the potty every.single.time. (sigh)

The boys have been entranced with college basketball lately. They will sit and watch "Bucky Badger" for most of the game with Jay. I can't believe how much they love it. I think they will have to be point guards if they still love it this much to play when they're older! Jason has been pumping them up for baseball season, so I'm sure we'll be venturing down to Miller Park a lot more this summer.

Let's see... the rest of the week is pretty standard. Jax has feeding therapy today and Brady has his ear-check on Friday. Jason and I have the boy's teacher-conferences on Thursday evening, so my fingers are crossed it's a good meeting.

Out to dinner on Saturday. Brady was practicing his chop sticks while eating his "Ninja Noodles".

This will never get old. Notice Jax's kiss-mark from me on his cheek? He told me he liked my shirt and I was pretty on our way out to dinner.

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Momma Bird said...

We have the same bug in our house...ugh. The boys are so cute and Brady's meal looked yummy!