Friday, March 15, 2013

Wrong Appointment

Well apparently I screwed up our appointment today. It's so fun to get the boys all packed up, drive all the way to the hospital, park, walk a mile with two small children and then find out the appointment was set for NEXT Friday! Ugh. So Brady has to wait for his exam for another week. Ce la vie.

I finally got the boys back into the chiropractor. Of course Brady's neck is out in multiple places from a nasty fall he took last week. He likes to be chased around the house, but he while he's running, he tends to look backwards and often runs into things. OUCH.

The boy's speech therapist called me to discuss how Brady's computer is going at home. She then mentioned Brady running into another little boy at school last week and I said I must have the clumsiest kids. She said they actually do run into things or others often. We are just so graceful up in here.

Otherwise we're just chugging along. Jax's language skills are really soaring lately, and he says a new term, sentence or descriptive word every day now, it's so great to see him thrive this way.

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