Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2 peas in a pod

Despite Jaxon having a stomach bug for a week and taking a day off for his ear-tube procedure, he still managed to gain a few ounces when weighed at the Feeding Team checkup. He's up to a beefy 25lbs, 12 oz. He had a good session of chewing with the therapist, and got some more tips to keep the meal moving. The team is going to try and plan a 2 day outpatient intervention during meals to try and get Jax to learn how to use his tongue when chewing and swallowing. This will take some insurance convincing, so it probably won't happen for a couple months.
But in the meantime, Jax is doing well with his weekly visits with the private therapist. He did well with chewing on some Crispix cereal, graham crackers and soft pears. He has the chewing movement down, but he doesn't quite understand how to use that tongue. I see progress and hope though!

The boys have their motor-skill evaluation at the hospital tomorrow (referral from Development Center given their Apraxia Dx). It may not give us any new information, but at least they're covered from that perspective before their school IEPs next month. Then Jax will have his ear-tube checked with a hearing test on Friday before we can start this weekend!

The boys playing "Miller Park"

Working on peddling big boy bikes.

They still don't understand how to propel their feet forward when peddling. They can't get the motion down yet, but they REALLY want to! I'm hoping to get tips when discussing motor skills at the appointment tomorrow.

Brady taking a pitch...

He nailed it! He may not get the motor skill of peddling yet, but he has some great little slugger hand-eye coordination!

The boys waiting for dinner to cook, playing Fruit Ninja in their slippers...

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