Monday, April 15, 2013

All Good in the Hood

Yup, we're good!
I had a quick little break away with some other moms, and the kids had a break from me (which I think they need too) and it sounds like they had a lot of fun. We had the sitter here on Thursday to get the boys on the bus and she texted me saying she loved seeing how much the boys had developed since September when she last babysat for them. That's always great to hear!
Brady came home with an award for zipping up his coat all by himself for the first time! Yes sir, we celebrate all the victories in this house!
Jason's parents came for the weekend since his dad had some bowling tournaments in the area. Nana Letts took the boys to watch bowling while Jay was at some softball games. The boys of course LOVED watching Papa bowl and playing the arcade games. Nana noticed Brady holding himself, so she ran him to the potty, and he went pee! I know it's not like he asked to go, but like I said, we celebrate all small victories!

Jay brought the boys to the park to watch softball and play on the playground yesterday (Sunday) afternoon before they picked me up from the airport, and they were in SNOW PANTS to stay warm enough to do it, Oy Wisconsin! Get here already spring!

Jason signed the boys up for their first summer team sport of 'Blast Ball'. They're not old enough for T-Ball, and since their birthday is in July, they don't actually qualify next summer either (must be 6 before May 1). So they'll do two summers of Blast Ball before T-ball, which is just hitting the ball off the T and trying to run to first base (the only base) before someone in the outfield touches the ball and yells BLAST BALL. That's it, I think. This should make them REALLY ready then once they do start T-Ball which just adds the other 3 bases for running then. Although... they are already hitting a ball being thrown to them, which is past the T-ball stage, so learning the game and the rules and playing on a team will be the focus. And yes... Jason is signed up to the be the coach. Could that BE any cuter?? That all starts in mid June and runs for 6 weeks (only one night a week), and the boys will be obsessed, I'm sure.

Jaxon finally starts his once-weekly feeding therapy this week, so I'm excited to see some progress. We're also in the middle of scheduling the boy's IEP meetings for 4k. It will be interesting to see what therapies or extra help they will be suggesting the boys get while in their 'typical' 4k classroom next year (it won't be a specific 'special needs' class). I'm excited and nervous for them now that I know they'll be in different classrooms. But I'll obsess about that later when fall comes around, lol!

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