Sunday, April 21, 2013

Check this weekend off the list!

I'm at least 2 days behind reporting that Jaxon's ear tube procedure went great. He didn't have to get an IV for sedation, which made the day so much easier. He was given a drug through his g-tube and a mask with some gas. It took only minutes to complete the procedure. He didn't have his adenoids out, which usually go when tubes are put in, due to his speech apraxia. Apparently adenoid-removal can contribute to speech problems if there's a present disorder, so we stayed away from that.
Jax was a bit emotional afterward, but he did just fine and was up playing tag with Brady by dinner time.

We took the boys up to Green Bay on Saturday to have a play date at the Garber house while Jason and I helped move my mom from her house. It was a long, but productive day. The boys of course had a blast playing with Layla and Macy.

Jason took the boys to the Brewer game today while I met Miss Shannon at the huge 'Just Between Friends' sale at State Fair Park grounds. That sale is huge and you stand in line to purchase your items longer than you're actually shopping, but we each got some good finds and caught up on our chatting which was nice.

Jax has a Feeding Team check-in tomorrow, so I'll update soon on that. Have a great week!

Pre-op playing with the new Mario character as a treat for the day.

Post-op with Bubba.

Popsicles! Jax took 3 licks and was over it.

At home baking some muffins. Jax bounced back quick!

The boys at the Brewer game. I think this photo sums up the boys lately. Brady seems to be easily distracted by things like... oh a finger.

Miss Macy and Brady


I love Macy's grin here!

Such a fun group of kids (the boys LOVED Layla's Batman dress!)


Momma Bird said...

For some reason the boys look soooo grown up here! Jax looks like he is gaining on Brady too in terms of height and weight so he must be doing well! We have that same blanket (polka dot) that Jax had in the hospital. Glad he bounced back so well!

Kimberly said...

I love seeing pictures of your beautiful boys and reading such great updates. Miss you!