Sunday, April 7, 2013

Looking up

Jax's roller coaster continued on Saturday morning, so I brought him in to the pediatrician to have him checked out before doing another gut-rest. She swabbed his throat because it was red and his tonsils were a little inflamed, but we were assuming it was because he had been vomiting. Everything checked out okay, so we proceeded with another gut-rest. He's only had a Pedialyte pump since Saturday morning, and then he had 3oz of banana puree today (Sunday) throughout the day. I just gave him one can of Pediasure mixed with equal parts Pedialyte on a slow pump at bedtime, and we'll see how his stomach is tomorrow from that. I'm hoping this second gut-rest did the trick!

Jason took Brady out to the Brewer game this afternoon for their 'game' together (Jax had a Marquette game last month) and Jax and I got some errands done. It was nice to have one-on-one time like that.

Our windows are done, and we even got all the staining done on Saturday night as well. Most people won't even notice that we got new windows, but we can really tell - especially on the inside. Goodbye mold and cranks that disappear because my children pull them off and use them as swords!

The boys go back to school tomorrow, YAY! I just wanted to say that out loud.

This was the house "Before". You can't tell the windows are really bad, right?

Then you look close, and you can see the wood that has been painted over repeatedly showing some wear and tear. The grids were also not really 'white' anymore either.

But THIS was the real reason for the necessary window replacement.

This is AFTER I scrubbed the windows with vinegar. I couldn't even take a photo of these windows at their worst because they were so bad, I ran to scrub of the hairy spores and sealed up the window (this is the boy's room).

Real great to be breathing all this in, but even more horrifying when a child with chronic lung disease and asthma is 3 feet from this each night. Oy.

The biggest change that we think is our bedroom window. This was the 'before'.

This is the 'after'.

We changed out the two smaller windows in the foyer to one large picture window.

The 'after' which only we will admire each day when driving up the driveway, lol!

Jax rocking his backpack and feeding pump while we shop. Love him!
Brady rockin' some ice cream before the game starts with Jason! He looks like the All American Boy right here.


Matt & Shana said...

The windows look great!!!

Anonymous said...

Just to warn you, I replaced my windows three years ago because they were old and moldy as well. This spring I noticed mold on quite a few of them, especially in areas of the house that are more humid (kitchen and bath). So keep checking! I'm not sure there is much you can do to keep mold out completely.

Rodney Orton said...

I commend you for taking the effort to clean your windows and their frames before you could get the new ones in! It was definitely going to be dangerous if the build-up of the dirt and mold was allowed to continue. I’m sure you let out a huge sigh of relief when all the bedroom windows were finally replaced. How long did it take for all your new windows to be put in?

- Rodney O. -

Annie and Jason said...

Rodney - It took 3 days for the entire house of windows (including basement). But only 1 guy worked for one day, and then 2 for the other 2 days. They did a great job and spent time on detail.

Erin - We switched from wood to vinyl (the vinyl is wood colored on the inside) so at least if mold does come back, I can clean it knowing it isn't inside the porous wood.

Ruben Pratt said...

It's hard to tell if the window panes are damaged especially when it's coated with paint. You must be watchful of chipped paint. It might be nice due to it's vintage look, but it can be a sign of a damaged frame. Anyway, it's hard to compromise with those airborne particles that can be harmful to your kids. Good thing you've replaced the windows already. :)

Ruben Pratt @