Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Window's Eve

Jax seems to be on the mend. He wasn't keeping his meals down yesterday, but kept one can of food down via the pump while in bed last night. He didn't keep his breakfast down this morning, but he has the rest of the day. His vomiting switched from constant to only during meal-times, which is pretty consistent with his GI issues.
I gave him a dose of the nasal spray this morning, so I don't know if that's what really helped him, or if it's just the natural progression of day 6 of the cold. I'll keep giving it to him to see how he does.
Brady started a cough this morning, so I think he's gotten the cold now, but he is doing fine with it.

I received a call from Jax's speech/feeding therapist who is part of the Feeding Team at the hospital. She's faxing me a letter to include with my Appeal Letter for Jax's Feeding therapy. With my letter, her letter and our private therapist with me at the hearing, hopefully we can get some therapy approved. Although, with everything, it will be a looong process. Jax will see his private therapist next week and then the outpatient team at the hospital two weeks after that, so he will be seen a bit. I'll just be working with him at home as much as possible.

In other news, our windows will start to be installed tomorrow. They said it will be a two day project, so I'll probably have before and after shots to share come Friday. We've been taking down all our window treatments tonight. Half of them have to be thrown out (original cellular blinds to the house, goo) and half have to be replaced. Like all things, it's nice to see the finished product, but getting there is a bit of a pain. I guess we need to stain a small piece of wood used to line each window, which will include taping. So we'll have to put half of our window treatments back up, purchase new ones for three rooms, put those up when they come and stain every.single.window strip (even though we will now have vinyl). You know, in all our free time :)

Since Jax has been under the weather, we've been home-bound during our 'spring break'. So I've been doing some spring cleaning. I finally cleaned out all the boy's clothes in preparation for spring/summer clothes. I also cleaned out my closet, which hasn't been done since I moved into this house six years ago. I had SIX garbage bags full of clothes, shoes and bags that we donated tonight. I love having a clean closet! And the boys loved trying on all my old hats and playing swords with all the hangers!

Jax watching the Brewer's opening day. With two of his Hulks.

Off to donate!

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