Friday, April 5, 2013

Roller Coaster

Jax has been so up and down the last few days that I just don't know what to think! He was an absolute mess on Tuesday night and vomited non-stop. He woke up and did the same in the morning, so I took him in. The doc assumed his tummy was having backlash because the lining wasn't healed well enough for food, so she put him on a gut-rest for the next 24 hrs with a Pedialyte pump. He did well with that on Wednesday and then I gave him half meals of formula by mouth on Thursday. He did well. Then today (Friday) he puked up breakfast and his afternoon snack. We were actually all at the store getting some supplies to work on our windows when Jax took off his jacket. We asked what he was doing and he said his tummy hurt. Jason ran him to the bathroom and they made it in time thankfully, but then as usual, he was fine. So odd.
I mixed his night feed with Pedialyte to make it easier on his tummy. Depending how he does tonight and tomorrow, I'll see if he should be checked out by the doctor again since it just seems to be lingering much longer than usual. The fact some of his vomiting is not around meal times is just off for him too. Hopefully he'll be fine, but we have our radar up.

In good news, I received a letter from the Feeding Clinic to include with my Appeal letter that I'm submitting to the state for more feeding therapy. Hopefully it will help to have their support behind us along with our private therapist with me as well.

In not-so-great news, I found out that Jax's medical Pediasure will no longer be covered by insurance. It bothers me, but paying for food that he consumes by mouth is understandable to a point. It only stinks because the food he consumes by mouth is 'medical formula' that is rather expensive. He has some back-stock, so I have time to shop around online medical resources for the best price (Chocolate Pediasure w/fiber 1.5 cal, if anyone knows!).

Otherwise we're plugging away here. The windows won't be completed on the house until Saturday, but so far they look great. There was a bit of a mishap on Thursday when the guy dropped a window from the second floor and it broke off our outdoor water spicket. Water was pouring out! We shut off the water valve and a plumber came out to fix it.
I received our new curtains and hardware for our bedroom, but a few of the other rooms that need new coverings were just too expensive from the store I got a quote from. We have another company coming in for ideas and quotes on Monday, but we'll take our time on those.

My mom came to visit for awhile on Thursday when all the commotion of the windows was happening. The boys were so excited to see her and to get all their Easter goodies. They've been pretty happy playing with those trinkets since then.

Hopefully Jax will be fine tonight and we can just enjoy the warm weather this weekend and get some projects done!

We took the boys out for a Hibachi dinner and they loooooved it!


Michele said...

The company that makes Pediasure might send you some decent coupons if you call them. I buy it for my 5yo and pay about $10/6-pack even on sale - it's sure not cheap!

Christina said...

They make chocolate 1.5 with fiber??????? We can only get Vanilla 24 count cases marked for "institutional use only" we had another round of fighting for our funding, they finally agreed (3 months of fighting and finaly application to go to tribunal made them approve it and on fluke they added it to her auto renew yearly account) the only issue they uped the amount and they are refusing to pay the up amount. I so feel your pain, I hope he gets more feeding therapy (no such thing where we live).
The bug that hit our house and K 2 weeks ago caused a 5 days no pediasure feeding, we got pedialyte and crackers (thing she normally will not put in her mouth) even mentioning it would make her queasy we celebrated the first tolerating feeding. and wer back down to not on the charts for her but J is off the charts and people do not suspect them as twins anymore!

Annie and Jason said...

Thanks girls!
Christina, we actually use chocolate 1.0 with fiber and I add an ounce of cream to each batch/can to make it 1.5 cal. So I guess I'm looking for 1.0 to make higher cal myself!