Sunday, April 28, 2013

Well, poop.

The boys are doing great, except one little odd thing. Brady's GI system has just been angry these past few days. On Thursday evening, he didn't eat much food and only drank his milk. I gave him a cup of 'bedtime milk' to try and get some calories in him before bed. Well, he puked all over the place while I was reading a bedtime story (we were sitting on the rug in their bedroom). I showered him off, changed him and set him up with a bucket for the night, although he shook his head 'no' when I asked if he thought he'd be sick again.

The next day he was fine. He played all day like normal, ate 'some' food, but seemed fine. Jason was leaving for the weekend for his goddaughter's confirmation in New Mexico, so we all went to dinner together that night. Everything was fine until I noticed Brady drank an entire cup of milk, but was picking at his food again. I mentioned it to Jason when suddenly... he started puking. All over the dinner table and himself. Oy.
Jason pulled off his pants and shirt, put them in a doggy bag, covered him with a jacket and hauled him outside. Jax and I cleaned up the area with the waitress and left a big tip! Poor Brady, but how strange, right? We got home and bathed the boys right away and we had quiet time in their room with a lot of books then until bedtime.
Then.... the great smell of death was coming out of the boy's room around 11pm when I went to take Jax off his feeding pump. I was SO scared to open the door so I made Jason go in. It smelled like puke, but there was no way someone puked without us knowing because we had our ears on alert. Well... I'll spare you the details, but it involved Jason running Brady to the bathroom while I stripped the bed, opened the window and LYSOL'd the room, all while Jax snoozed away. Jason said there was a 'pool' inside Brady's diaper and pants... sick.
We put him to bed in the spare room on towels and told him to call for us if his tummy felt like that again. He woke up completely fine on Saturday. He played all day and didn't skip a beat. I did NOT give him any milk though. Only flavored pedialyte and simple foods. He didn't have any GI issues.

How odd, right? He had no other symptoms of illness at all. Well today the boys and I went to Rachel's house for the baptism party of Santina. I let Brady have a little milk at lunch time, and later in the day he had diarrhea, although not like what happened Friday night, but I'm wondering why he's so sensitive to milk right now. Could it be he has a stomach bug and milk is just irritating it? He can't just suddenly become lactose intolerant can he? So odd.

Well, regardless of the strange tummy and butt moments the last few days, they enjoyed the gorgeous weather and it's very clear to me that they will be outside pretty much non-stop this summer. They just love it.

Pants are overrated at restaurants... (and only we have vomit basins in the car)

Fly guys!

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