Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy 5 Year Bloggiversary!

What's that you're saying now Brady??

Brady can say Momom now! We're of course still working on Mama, but he's getting very close!

I also realized that my blog is officially 5 years old this week, Happy Anniversary Bloggy Blog! We're still in the game every day!
The boys are doing well with potty training. Jax wears a diaper at bedtime because of his tube-feeding and Brady wears a Pull-Up, although he's dry half the time in the morning, so that's going great. All underwear all day otherwise, there's no looking back now!

Last night Jax ate an entire Veggie Stick (they're the consistency of a puffed chip). It took about 10 minutes of chewing therapy pushing him and guiding him, but he did it. He did not do well with the ripe cantaloupe, so we won't give details on that one!
My goal today is TWO veggie sticks before dinner tonight, so I will need to start even earlier!


Unknown said...

Such awesome news!!! Happy blogiversary!

Melissa said...

Yay Brady! I love when you post videos and we can hear those sweet little voices. Oh, and they have the best smiles!