Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We've had a little whirlwind of a week so far. I took the boys up to Green Bay to see our Grandpa before he went in for surgery on Tuesday. We had a really nice visit with him and Grandma out at their house. The boys stayed with Sidney on Tuesday while I was with the family at the hospital during the surgery.
Jason flew home that night and drove up early today (Wednesday) to bring the boys home for school while I went back up to the hospital for the morning. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, please keep Grandpa in your prayers if he's on your list while he starts his long recovery progress.

Otherwise the rest of our week is pretty much filled with getting caught up on a few things tomorrow and then we have the big meeting with the school on Friday afternoon for the boy's 4k IEPs (their plan for extra help/therapies). Then hopefully heading back up for a visit with Grandpa during the weekend depending on how he's doing. I've already started bugging the the Cardiovascular Intensive Care nurses by phone for updates ;) He's already doing better then when I left them 8 hrs ago, yay!

Grandpa with the boys on Monday

All the kids eating Monday night

Brady taking his first digger off his big boy bike after school today. All smiles!

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