Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oil him up!

Well, Brady's tummy is getting better and I'm slowly giving him milk back. Obviously he had a stomach bug. Aaaaand now the entire house has a lovely spring cold, ugh. Which means Jax is puking 1-2x/day with the congestion. Not that it's kept anyone from running around like a monkey out in the beautiful weather these past few days!
I'm trying not to complain since I haven't had a cold since January, and I swear it's because I had been working out. I have been very spotty the last few weeks, so now I've convinced myself it directly affects my immune system. Who knows if I'm correct on that.

I've decided to give a particular 'essential oil' a try on Jaxon for his tummy issues. A good friend of mine has been telling me about it for the past year and the boy's chiropractor has been on me about it as well. As much as Jax's stomach is a lot better compared to when he was younger, it's still so up and down from week-to-week that we are just not going anywhere with his weight, which isn't helping the feeding process. I'm willing to try anything that's non-invasive and affordable!
So I'm trying doTerra's Digestzen (a blend of Ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander and anise) on Jax for a few weeks to see if it helps. I will rub on his tummy and gut in the morning and put a few drops with his fish oil that I put through the tube at night. It can't hurt! It would also be good to use on Brady for times we had with him this past week. Now that I think of it... we've been giving the boys fish 'oil' for the past few years and we think it makes a big difference. It helps with children's mood and behavior, and I'm not going to stop that supplement to see if makes a difference, no thanks, haha!

I really want to try the blend of 'breathe', but may wait until fall comes back around when we see asthma issues. Our chiropractor was on me all winter about diffusing this product for Jax when for his lung issues. So when my friend recommended it as well, I figured I need to start really looking at it (who doesn't want their home to smell like a spa?).
I don't know... we'll see how it goes with this first oil.  Jax doesn't typically go more than 10 days without some sort of GI set-back, so a 4 wk trial should give us some good indication. There are SO many rave reviews from people, but I'll give a full report of course! The oil has it's work cut out with Jax!

Jax posing with a picture that he didn't paint...

I asked him to 'pose' for me and this is what he gave me...

The boys 'trying' to pitch a ball to each other. Yeah, that doesn't work out quite yet!

Handsome little men.


Wibbs said...

What fish oil do you use?

Annie and Jason said...

Wibbs, we use Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA. It came highly recommended from a few different sources (holistic pediatric MD, Chiropractor and friend). After a lot of research, we stuck with it! Brady likes the flavor, which is great.

I order it from Amazon - 8oz for $21 and it lasts about 2 months to use on both boys. 1/2 tsp nightly

Michele said...

What a couple of goober sandwiches! :) I love the pictures of them together, they are so darn cute!